Danielle Debbie Two Eagle


Funeral services for 67-year old Danielle Debbie Two Eagle are Tuesday, June 22nd at 2:00 pm at the Porcupine School Grounds in Porcupine, SD, with Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating.

Visitation precedes the funeral from 10:00 – 2:00 PM, also at the Porcupine School Grounds in Porcupine, SD.

Danielle Debbie Two Eagle was born on August 23, 1953 to Christine Red Eagle-Iron Cloud and Daniel Iron
Cloud, Sr. Danielle made her journey to the Spirit World on June 12 Danielle is survived by her daughters, Valerie (Shawn P.) Patton, Tarah (Kevin) Trueblood and Stephanie Iron Cloud; sons, Delane, Archie, Aaron (Cheryl Forney), Michael (Barbara), Marshall (Kim Romero), Isaiah Beaudreau, and Zachary Iron Cloud-Goings; sister, Esther Iron Cloud; grandchildren, Shawn, Christina, Darryl, Madison, Jesse, Manuel, Marlee, Archie, and Joseph; and great-grandchildren, Bud, Oliver, Laney, Aloysius, and Miles.

Danielle was preceded in death by her spouse, Archie Leonard Two Eagle; parents, Daniel Iron Cloud, Sr. & Christine Red Eagle-Iron Cloud; brothers, Manuel Iron Cloud and Daniel Iron Cloud, Jr.; maternal grandparents, Susie F. Apple, & Jacob Red Eagle; and paternal grandparents, Edward Iron Cloud, Sr. & Emily (Bad Wound) Iron Cloud.

Pallbearers will be Shawn P. Patton, Shawn B. Patton, Kevin Trueblood, Jesse Trueblood, Robin Tuttle, Isaiah Beaudreau, Reuben Weston, Zachary Iron Cloud-Goings, and Dustin Gus Baird.

Honorary pallbearers will be Janice One Feather, Cheryl One Feather, John One Feather, Valerie, Francine,
& Roscoe Black Feather, Emily Koenan & Family, Eileen Iron Cloud & Family, Alberta Miller & Family, Ethleen & Rick Two Dogs & Family, Jerry Iron Cloud & Family, Jeff Iron Cloud & Family, Orlin Iron Cloud & Family, Edward “Buzz” Iron Cloud III, Donna Eagle Bull & Family, Irene Tuttle & Family, Fern Tuttle & Family, Karen Archambeau & Family, Mary Iron Cloud & Family, Jay & Ros Parisien, Carmen Weston & Family, Scott Weston & Family, Ferrell Weston & Family, Shirley Big Eagle & Family, Mary Rose Dillon & Family, Mary Baird, Hail Baird, Sunja Baird, Brian Baird, Grey, Elliot, & Wambli Hamilton, Lionel Weston & Family, Stella Iron Cloud & Family, Margaret Iron Cloud & Family, Cindy Iron Cloud & Family, Kathy Ferguson & Family, Michael & Pat Iron Cloud, Jennifer Iron Cloud & Family, Ty Lunderman & Family, Susan Two Eagle & Family, Faith Two Eagle & Family, Crystal Bush & Family, Virgil Two Eagle & Family, George Two Eagle & Family, Eleanor Weston, Rodney Two Eagle & Family, Rhonda Two Eagle & Family, Clarice, Mark, Gabriel, and Edmond Mesteth & Families, Dawn Black Bull & Family, Sandy Two Lance & Family, James Bush, OSCH Employees, Thelma Siers & Family, Audrey Yellow Hair & Family, Bobbette Patton & Siblings, Jackie Grey, Francine Running Shield, Carol Lakota, Lois Frazier & Family, Cheryl Whistler, Charlie Abourezk, Sharon Yellow Boy, Geneva Lone Hill, Brandy Maxcy, Mila Yata Pika Sundancers, Tasunke Wakan Sundancers, Dialysis Management Group, St. Mary’s Girls’, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD