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Dawes County Courthouse Open, But Not All Doors

CHADRON – The Dawes County Courthouse reopened to the public today after a 2-month coronavirus shutdown, but with a last-minute change that’s keeping the main door at the top of the steps locked today and tomorrow while allowing public access through the other two doors.

County Commissioner Jake Stewart says the Dept of Motor Vehicles, which has an office in the courthouse that is traditionally manned on Mondays and Tuesdays, has stricter current COVID-19 rules that limit the number of individuals allowed in at one time.

As a result, those going to the DMV will be lining up outside the front door and making their way up the stairs when the line moves, with no sitting on the steps.

Stewart says the general public can still use either the parking lot/elevator/mezzanine entrance on the west side or the street level entrance under the main steps on the east today and tomorrow with the main entrance open Wed-Fri until further notice.