Dawes County Voters Report Robocall Scam Claiming Problems With Their Ballots

     Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist says someone is making robocalls to county voters with the apparent goal of disrupting next Tuesday’s general election.

     Dawes County has been conducting all its elections using only mail-in ballots sent automatically to all registered voters for several years, but Feist says several voters have reported getting recorded calls telling them there’s a problem with their ballot.

      Feist says the robocalls tell the recipient to call her office immediately or their votes won’t count. She calls it a complete scam that should be ignored by anyone receiving such a call.

       She has no idea who’s behind the calls or why they’re making them, but wants to emphasize the calls aren’t affecting the election at all – only making additional work for her staff when they must reassure voters who’ve called to report the robocalls.

        Feist also says any Dawes County voter whose ballot has been damaged or “messed up” before being returned simply needs to call her office to get a new one and have the original one voided.

        Dawes County ballots can be returned in the enclosed postage-paid envelope or they can be dropped off at Feist’s office in the courthouse in Chadron or in the secure dropbox outside the east entrance of the courthouse. 

       Ballots must be in the Clerk’s office by the time the polls close at 7:00 MT Tuesday night or they will not be counted.