Deadwood Requires Masks In City Buildings And Outdoor Public Spaces

The Deadwood City Commission has unanimously approved requiring the use of facemasks on city property and outdoor public spaces.

The Monday night vote made the mandate effective immediately; it runs through Dec 30.

       Under the order, a face covering or mask be worn at all times while in indoor public places owned by the city or outdoor public spaces when gathering for more than 15 minutes or when 6-feet of social distancing cannot be achieved or maintained.

     There are some exceptions including kids under 5, those eating or drinking while seat at a public place, anyone with a medical condition that makes wearing a mask unreasonable.

      Also exempt are those engaged in physical activity where the level of exertion makes it difficult to wear a face covering, and public safety workers in situations were a face covering would severely interfere with their duties. 

       Individual businesses retain the right to mandate and enforce mask requirements as they deem fit, and patrons refusing to comply can be asked to leave.