Death Penalty Or Life In Prison Decision To Be Issued June 9 In Murder-Dismemberment Of Lincoln Woman

     54-year old Aubrey Trail will learn in June whether he will be put to death or spend the rest of his life in prison for the 2017 kidnapping-murder-dismemberment of 24-year old Sidney Loofe of Lincoln, targetted through social medial.

      Trail was convicted of 1st-degree murder in July 2019, but waived his sentencing hearing by the same jury which normally decides between life and death. If it’s death, a 3-judge panel will meet and take evidence on aggravating circumstances before either affirming the death penalty or converting it to life in prison.

     By waiving the jury hearing, Trail put the full decision into the hands of the 3 judges. They held their hearing last month, but Trail waived his right to appear and now Presiding Judge Vicky Johnson of Saline County has set June 9 for sentencing. 

       Trail and his girlfriend, 26-year old Bailey Boswell, allegedly were looking for a victim and made contact with Loofe through a dating app. She disappeared after going on a date with Boswell, but her body was found cut into 14 pieces and left in ditches along a state highway in south-central Nebraska.

       Boswell was convicted of 1st-degree murder last October. The defense in both trials argued that Loofe died accidentally during consensual rough sex and that the body was dismembered because Trail and Bailey didn’t think anyone would believe their story.

      Trail’s attorney also offered as mitigating evidence what he described as extensive abuse he’d suffered as a child.