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Devonna Vitalis

An outdoor viewing/graveside ceremony for 52-year old DeVonna Ann “Dee” (Tobacco-Two Crow) Vitalis will be Thursday, April 9, 2020 from 1:30-2:00 PM at her final resting place in the Tobacco Family Cemetery on Tobacco Rd near Pine Ridge, SD, with Elder Donovan Young Man officiating, traditional Lakota services by Mr Jeffrey Catches and Catholic Prayer by Ms Ann-Marie Amiotte.

The family understands friends and family are sheltering in place and respects decisions not to attend. The family will have a service for friends and relatives at a later date.

Dee (Tobacco-Two Crow) Vitalis “Anpo Wicahpi Win” was born on December 13, 1967 in Pine Ridge, SD to Sylvia Tobacco and Darrell Two Crow. She began her journey on April 3, 2020 at her home on Tobacco Road near Pine Ridge, SD.

Dee was one of God’s favorites. You could tell because children loved her. You could tell because she genuinely loved them.

She was the eldest daughter of Sylvia Tobacco, who is the eldest daughter of her family. Sylvia and Dee share a special bond, a special role caring for their siblings.

Dee started school in Montessori at Red Cloud then spent one year at St. Mary’s in eastern South Dakota before returning to Red Cloud. At St. Mary’s, Dee learned to play the piano, a passion she didn’t pursue, but loved. At Red Cloud she was a track star, basketball stand-out, wrestling cheerleader, and Homecoming Queen.

By the time she graduated from RCHS in 1985 she had received a letterman’s jacket for successfully competing in multiple sports and, today, she still has track records on the board. Dee attended Black Hills State University then transferred to Huron University.

Dee met Arthur Wade Vitalis, the love of her life, and decided to leave college. They married and settled in Pine Ridge. They had three children Arthur Jaye, Steven Payne, and Alban (Boots) Lane Vitalis.

Wade, her beloved, was tragically killed in a car crash a few years later and
Dee remained devoted to Wade, never to marry again

Arthur, Steven, and Boots were her pride and joy. When they had their own children, Dee immediately became an adoring grandmother and did everything she could to show them how much she loved them.

Dee also helped raise Diyari, Essence, Legend, and Mia, and many other nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. She built close relationships with Portia Brooke, Ashley Marie, Grace, Joey, and Jessica and had a profound influence on Loni.

In the days before her death, Dee wanted to see her babies: Lataysha, Max, Alban, Pay-Pay, and Laila and it saddened her that she could not be with them.

Dee prayed for her family, was a water protector, a caretaker, and the best listener. Dee and Sylvia spent lots of days cooking, visiting, arguing and just being together.

We miss her laugh. She was a fun-loving, kind, gentle spirit and is very loved by her family and friends and we miss her so much already.

We know Dee is being greeted by her husband Wade, grandfather Psin, dad Darrell, uncle Ezz, uncle Timps, auntie Tink, her friend Connie Brewer, her grandmothers Lillian and Rose, and, especially, Grandma Caroline.

“There is no line my friend, there is no divide between here and there. We do not die, really, we simply live on in another way.” Fiand.

We wish to acknowledge Alice Testerman and Byron Wilcox whose friendship to Dee remained true. We know she loved you very much.

We will do our best to honor our mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend,grandma. Thank you, God, for sharing Dee’s wild and beautiful life with us.

Dee is survived by her son Arthur Jaye Vitalis and his daughter Laila; her son Steven Payne (Kyla)Vitalis and his daughter Payton; her son Alban Lane (Jody) Vitalis and his children Lataysia, Alban, Jr., Maximus; her daughter Bessie (Donnie)LeBeau and her children Leannah, Angelina, Julia, Wakin and Kendall; her sister Dawn Frank (Yamni) and her children Gabriel, Portia, Savannah, Marilyn, and Caroline; her sister Deb (Jake) Tobacco and her children Gary Dean, Saige, Tasina, Wahpe To Win, and Wambli Gleska; her brother Evans Young Man, Jr. (Juanita) and his children Marlee, Evans III, Jake, Evie, Keegan, and Joey; her brother Donovan Youngman and his children D.J., Hayden, River, and Lucy; her brother Gaven Young Man and his children Shayna and Gracie; her brother Gideon Young Man; her brother Alec Morgan, Jr., (Tory) and his children Aben and Abilene; brother Darrell Two Crow, Jr., and her aunts Dorothi Tobacco, Nola Tobacco, Ann Tobacco, Mary Tobacco, and Michelle Janis; Deann Two Crow Paulson, and uncles Joe Catches, Stephen Tobacco, Galen Holy Rock, Cisero Two Crow, Victor Two Crow, and her mother Sylvia Tobacco and stepdad Chris Whiting, and cousin, Stephanie Two Crow.

Dee was preceded in death by her husband Wade Vitalis, dad Darrell Two Crow, sisters, Cadell Bald Eagle and Allie Lessert, aunt Tink Sitting Holy, uncles Timps Tobacco, Ezzard Tobacco, and grandmother Caroline Tobacco and grandfather Steve Tobacco.

Pallbearers will be: Gary Dean Pourier, Gabriel Means, Evans Young Man, III; Jake Young Man, Legend Tobacco, Mark Weston, Tyrell Sitting Holy, Sam Warrior, Dan Tobacco, Gordon Anduja, Donnie LeBeau, Marty Zephier, and Jody Bird Head.

Honorary Pallbearers will be: Alice Testerman and Byron Wilcox & Family, Stephanie Apple & Family, Filmore Richards, Fonda Twiss & Family, Carmen Jensen Favors & Family, Angel Janis & Family, Michelle Spang & Family, Bobey Star & Family, Maggie Tobacco & Family, Peter Hill & Family, Lisa High Wolf Ladeaux & Family, Susan Pourier & Family, Margaret Vitalis & Family, Carol Big Crow & Family, Bill Vitalis & Family, Laura Big Crow & Family, Deanna Big Crow & Family, Angie Anduja & Family, Eric Anduju & Family, Lynn Cross Dog & Family, Babe & Theresa Hunter & Family, Belva Clifford & Family, Cindy Catches & Family, Shirley Holy Rock & Family, Cynthia Catches & Family, Duge & Norma Brown Bull & Family, Marque Lunderman, Lavonne Mesteth & Family, Norma Black Feather & Family, Lilly Larvie, Tom Wounded, Dean Brewer & Family, Rachel Mesteth and Family, Freida Patton & Family, Jenny Martin & Family, Robert Two Crow & Family, Donovan and Dale Young Man & Family, Brenda Young & Family, Terry Janis & Family, Darla Swain & Family, Shawn Little, Yvonne Crow & Family, Wilmer Youngman, Jr. & Family, Leann Salway, Ann Amiotte & Family, Family of the Late Joe Morrisette, Leo Two Bulls, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD