“Dismember Bailey” Post Leads Judge To Recuse Probation Office From Preparing Pre-sentence Report

The presentencing report for 26-year old Bailey Boswell, convicted last month of the stalking-murder-dismemberment of 24-year old Sydney Loofe almost 3 years ago won’t be done by the local probation office.

      The presiding judge pulled the job from the office after a staff member posted on social media that there should be “full justice for Sydney. Dismember Bailey the same way Sydney was.” Officials say the staffer is no longer employed by the probation office.

       Boswell and her 54-year old boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, were convicted in separate trials more than a year apart of charges that include 1st-degree murder. 

      Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both of them. Trail’s jury called for death, but a 3-judge panel that will either uphold the recommendation or sentence him to life without parole has yet to meet. Boswell has yet to start the penalty phase.