Doorbell Camera Spots Mountain Lion In Scottsbluff

 Nebraska Game and Parks wildlife biologists have confirmed that a mountain lion crossing a yard on the west side of Scottsbluff early Thursday morning was captured on video from a doorbell camera.

      Game and Parks and the Scottsbluff Police Department say the big cat doesn’t appear to be threat, but that anyone who spots a mountain lion should contact the police department immediately.

      Under the state’s Mountain Lion Response Plan, cougars that are found within any city limits will be euthanized if it can safely be done.

      Because of their secretive nature, mountain lions rarely interact with humans but experts say that if it does happen you should not approach the animal but instead leave it an avenue of escape and back away safely to an area of safety like a car or house.

      They also say that if you are actually attacked by a mountain lion, you should fight back.       For more information on mountain lions in Nebraska, visit the Game and Parks website