Duane Michael Star Jr

Funeral services for 31-year old Duane Michael Star Jr will be Friday, April 24, 2020, at 1:00 PM at the Vikki Waters Residence in Pine Ridge, SD

Burial Services will be at the Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery, Pine Ridge, SD

A one-night wake service starts at 2:30 PM, Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 2:30 PM, also at the Vikki Waters Residence in Pine Ridge

Duane Michael Star Jr was born on August 30, 1988 in Pine Ridge, SD to Duane Star, Sr. and Flora (Bird Head) Larvie and made his journey to the Spirit World on April 18, 2020 at the Monument Health Home Plus Hospice in Rapid City, Sd.

Duane Jr is survived by his father, Duane Star, Sr.; fiancé Serena Andrews; daughter Serenity Star and her mother, Kelly Canby; son Michael Wayne Star and his mother Eva Sutton; and siblings Frenchone Larvie-One Horn, Duana Rose Renville, and Donovan Star.

Duane Jr was preceded in death by his mother, Flora (Bird Head) Larvie; brother, Joseph Star; grandmothers, Madeline Black Bear and Rosie DeSersa; and grandfathers, Joseph Red Cloud Jr and Joseph Star.

Pallbearers will be Valence Bagola, Ryan Eagle Bull Sr, Steven White Magpie, Paul Waters, Rocky White Calf, Russell Waylon, Nate Waylon, and Moses Catches.

Honorary pallbearers will be Steven White Face, Alexander Thunder Hawk Jr, Rick Eagle Bull, Stephanie Eagle Bull, Wiconi Runs Above, Arlene Bagola, Atlanta Bagola, Stevie Ann White Magpie, Wambli Bear Eagle, Fawn Yellow Boy & Family, Venus Red Star, Rad Tyon, Robert Tyon, Francine Big Crow & Family, Donovan Star, Carmen Star, Anthony Waters, Johnny Waters, Chet Wright, Asaul Elbaoshield, Alfred Catches, Paul Catches, Deitre Catches, Lisa Star, Samantha Quiver, Trista Long Soldier, Eric Tremel, Roberta Ecoffey, Jennifer Sholl & Family, Caren Colhoff & Family, Matilda Red Shirt & Family, Carly Marton, Paulette Means, Stephanie Little, Jolene Black Elk, Teresa Kurylas & Family, Manny Swick & Family, Emma Galligo & Family, Chaunsey Brown Jr, Sharon Richards & Family, Lori King & Family, Running Hawk Family, Travis Wright, Rebecca Runs Above & Family, Juanita Hernandez, Mariah Suhr & Family, Frankie Lucero, and All Close Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD