Electoral College Votes Cast In Lincoln, Pierre, Cheyenne

Photo and audio courtesy Fred Knapp NET New

     Joe Biden is now officially President-elect, the result of his victory Monday in the Electoral College.

Each state is represented by electors equal to its number U-S Senators and House members and pledge to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote there. 

      The lone exceptions are Nebraska and Maine, who give two votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote, and divide the rest according to who wins in each congressional district.

This year, Donald Trump won Nebraska’s statewide vote handily but the Omaha-area 2nd Congressional District went for Biden.

     That led a number of Nebraska Democrats to turn out to celebrate when elector Precious McKesson of Omaha cast her vote at the Capitol in Lincoln. They erupted in cheers, leading Secretary of State Bob Evnen – who was announcing the votes – to joke “I knew I’d have to wait for it.” 

     According to Evnen’s office, McKesson is the first African American to serve as an Electoral College elector in Nebraska. She told a news conference before the ceremony that it was a significant day.

Nebraska has had at least 2 other women, both Republicans, serve as electors -Pat Dorwart of Sidney in 2008 and former Gov Kay Orr of Lincoln in 2004 and 2012

        Wyoming and South Dakota both held their Electoral College voters at their respective Capitols with Donald Trump getting the 3 votes from each. 

     Gov Kristi Noem was to be one of the South Dakota electors, but instead decided to spend the day with Trump – who still refuses to concede the election, insisting there was massive voter fraud despite state and federal agencies and courts finding otherwise.