Elizabeth Ann Looks Twice


Elizabeth Ann Looks Twice was born on January 29, 1977 in Pine Ridge, SD to Dale Joseph Looks Twice, Sr, and Elane Mae Twiss. Elizabeth made her journey to the Spirit World on July 3, 2024 near Manderson, SD.

Elizabeth Looks Twice was a loving mother of nine children; her children were her life. Elizabeth was the heart of her family, and her heart will never stop beating within her children. Elizabeth dedicated twenty years of her life as an Oglala Lakota Head Start teacher, always a caregiver. Elizabeth lifted everyone's spirit with faith that never wavered, leaving her impact on anyone who crossed her path. Elizabeth believed in living life to the fullest and loving deeply, encouraging everyone around her to follow their hearts. The loss of her spirit will live on in her children and grandchildren.

Elizabeth is survived by her children, Tkeyah, Anfernee, Nunpa Wayanke, Kristina, Rayden, Eric, Ethan, Colten, Kingston; sisters, Louise Desersa, Denise Jumping Eagle, Nicole Twiss, Sunni Looks Twice, Edith Looks Twice, Gail Looks Twice; mother, Delphine Eagle Hawk, auntie mom, Alvira Twiss; brothers, Jason Apple, Rueben (Norma) Looks Twice, Lloyd Looks Twice, Boyd Looks Twice, Quentin Looks Twice, Justin Looks Twice, Dale Looks Twice Jr, John Jumping Eagle; nephews, Joseph Dale Looks Twice, Gordon Looks Twice, Jayson Looks Twice, Damien Looks Twice, Tatum, Darrent,  and Wahancunka Jr. Tall, Cincala Eagle Hawk, Helio Ortiz, Surrell Young Bear,Ellsworth Young Bear, Joseph and Akicita Looks Twice, Landon Looks Twice, Rueben Jr. Looks Twice, Roman Looks Twice; Nieces, Lareese Blue Legs, Selena and Mary Jane Ortiz, Honey Dawn, Miksuya Eagle Hawk, Francine, Josephine, Zandra Young Bear, Rosie and Payton Tall, Timarie Looks Twice, Naomi Charging Cloud, Lavaiah, Lawrencia, Leileigh, Looks Twice, Jada, Ruby, and Zoe Boerschig, Malia Tall; grandchildren, Layli Two Eagle, Liam and Zachariah Rondeaux, Tayvion Janis, Reyna, and Nevada Looks twice, Artimus, Armadeus, Alaina, Geko boy Young Bear, Delphine Davenport, Pheonix, Jeanie Rae Ortiz, and Kaleb Looks Twice.

Elizabeth was preceded in death by her father, Dale Joseph Looks Twice, Sr.; mother, Elane Mae Twiss; brother, Joseph Looks Twice Sr.; sister, Sidney Apple; Niece: Rosie Jean Looks Twice paternal grandparents, Reuben Looks Twice  and Sarah Jumping Eagle-Looks Twice; and maternal grandparents, Levi Twiss and Flora Ghost-Twiss.

Pallbearers will be Melanie Apple, Sally Apple, Ashley Mesteth, Kaitlyn Catches, Shawna Pawnee Leggins, Bobbie Long Soldier, Valentina Makes Him First, Louise DeSersa, Denise Jumping Eagle, Hermania One Good Voice Flute, Anfernee Rondeaux, and Jayson Looks Twice.

Honorary pallbearers will be Tiny and Dave Pourier, Roberta  and Sam Spencer, George Looks Twice, Artie, George  and Alvira Twiss, Audrey, Starlette, Phillip, Dolores Jumping Eagle  and Family, Lisa  and Gordy Looks Twice  and Family, Megan Red Willow, Lisandra, Lariah, Lorraine, Laurel Tall, Leroy Jr., Louise, Richard, Alex, Looks Twice  and families, Sue Labatte  and Family, Robert Kills Enemy  and Family, Babette Thin Elk  and Family, Chris “Iz” Janis, Antoine  and Bobby Long Soldier, Alice  and Ted Phelps, Jackie, Michelle,  and Lupe Alcantar, Dennis Cuny, Louella Broken Nose  and Family, Bobby Rose Jumping Eagle-Ruiz, Jacquelyn Looks Twice, Iva Looks Twice, Georgine Looks Twice, Lee  and Tiny DeCory  and Family, Wendy, Robert, Fred, Jr.,  and Michael Brown and Families, Letha, Donna Jumping Eagle  and Family, Tony, Mark, Florence,  and Harold Clifford, Katherine, Laura, John, Ogs Clifford, Julie White Eyes  and Family, Jamie Yellow Horse  and Family, John Rondeaux Sr.  and Family, Sarah Amiotte  and Montie  and Family, Donna  and Summer Looks Twice  and Family, Heather Poor Bear  and Family, Christina Eagle Hawk  and Family, Marcie One Feather  and Family, Aaron Palmer and Family, Lavonne Mesteth  and Family, Darla Swain  and Family, Raymond Clifford, Leslie American Horse  and Family, Autum High Hawk  and Family, Lena Apple  and Family, Andy, Janice, Leslie (Eldwin), Tiara, Brandon (Veronica), Wesley Pawnee Leggins  and Family, Paul Pawnee Leggins  and Family, Casey  and Breyauni Morton, Bob Iron Cloud, Ghost Family, Eagle Hawk Family, White Hawk Family, Zeus  and Lyle Featherman, Leah Fire Thunder  and Family, Richard Charging Cloud, Bear Runner Family, Manderson-Wounded Knee OLC Head Start Staff, Wounded Knee District School Staff, and all friends and relatives.

A two night wake service starts at 3:30 on Wednesday July 17, 2024 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson with evening services starting at 7 each night. 

Funeral Services at 2 on Friday July 19, 2024 at the Wounded Knee District School with traditional Lakota Services by Brian Thunder Hawk and Deacon Bill White officiating. 

Burial is at the St. Phillip’s Episcopal Cemetery in Manderson.

Sioux Funeral Home is entrusted with arrangements.