Engine Fire Destroys RV/Musical Group Tour Bus South Of Crawfor

Courtesy Photo

      The Nebraska State Patrol says a large motorhome that serves as a touring bus for a family musical group was destroyed Thursday morning south of Crawford when its engine compartment caught fire. All 11 people on board were unharmed.

       The State Patrol originally said in a tweet in the afternoon that the vehicle was a tour bus, but the agency clarified Friday morning that it was a 48-foot Class A motorhome – a vehicle built from a bus chassis. 

        The Patrol says the RV was southbound on Hwy 71 about 12 miles south of Crawford when the driver noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment and stopped.

       All 11 individuals inside got out safely, but the fire quickly engulfed the engine compartment and then the entire RV. 

      The Crawford and Hemingford fire departments arrived and extinguished the fire, but Hwy 71 was closed for about 3 hours with the Dawes County Sheriff’s Office providing traffic control.  

      KNEB Radio reports that State Troopers took the 11 people from the bus to an Alliance motel for the night while nearby farmers brought the luggage and other belongings to them.