EPA-Sanctioned Neb Demo Project Shows E-30 Fuel Is Fine In Conventional Engines

  The State of Nebraska has completed a year-long demonstration project that officials say shows using E-30, gasoline with 30% ethanol, in conventional vehicles saves money, cuts down on emissions and has no adverse effect on engines. 

      The study included 10 Nebraska State Patrol cruisers and 40 vehicles from other state agencies. About half used E-30 and the other the standard E-15 blend.

       Gov Pete Ricketts released the findings Monday, saying E-30 could cut carbon black emissions from tailpipes by 45% while reducing nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions by over 20%.

       Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator Roger Berry said E-30 blends will result in vehicles that are just as clean as electric vehicles while using a fuel already being produced in Nebraska. About 35% of the state’s corn is currently used for ethanol. 

        It’s illegal to use E-30 in anything except so-called “flex fuel” vehicles, but Gov Ricketts says he hopes Nebraska’s EPA-approved demonstration project will lead to year-round use of the E-30 blend across the nation.