Evelyn “Sissy” Eagle Bull

Funeral services for 82-year old Evelyn “Sissy” Eagle Bull are Sat, Jan 14, 2023 at 10:00 at the Wolf Creek School Gymnasium near Pine Ridge, SD, with Deacon Bill White officiating

Burial is at the Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge.

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Jan 13, at 3:00 at the Wolf Creek School Gym with evening services starting at 7:00 PM

Evelyn “Sissy” Ecoffey-Eagle Bull was born to Lawrence “Prunes” and Gladys (Steele) Ecoffey on January 27, 1940 in Pine Ridge, SD.  Evelyn made her journey to the Spirit World on January 6, 2023 at the Oglala Sioux Lakota Nursing Home near Pine Ridge, SD.

Sissy, as she was called her whole entire life, was raised in Pine Ridge and attended the Pine Ridge School System, graduating in 1958 from Oglala Community High School (OCHS).  

Sissy fell in love with Lloyd Eagle Bull during their high school years and they married after she graduated in 1958. Sissy and Lloyd were blessed with 3 children, Larry, Lloydell (Suzy), and Jackie (Baby Doll).

Sissy had such a huge heart and a lot of love. along with Lloyd, that they took in Imogene Good Shot and Linda Garcia. They eventually moved on and started their own families, but would still contact her periodically so that she knew they were doing well.

In the late 80’s, Sissy and Lloyd opened their home and hearts again and welcomed Evangeline (Vange) and Janice Jennesse. They raised these girls as their very own and loved them dearly along with their other children.  

Sissy worked various jobs throughout her life, such as working for Oglala Sioux Court House, and became the manager of Red Wing Café.  She worked long hours and had family working with her running the café.  

Eventually, she moved on and started working for Oglala Lakota College when the school first started on the Pine Ridge Reservation and was instrumental in helping with its early efforts. 

Sissy and Tony Frequez were among those who set up OLC centers for student in all districts to supplement the main office in Kyle. She dedicated her life to OLC and gave the school 35 years, working from January 6, 1971 to February 25, 2005.

After retirement, Sissy was known at Prairie Wind Casino for her poker playing.  She spent many days and nights with her sidekick Judy Merdanian playing the slot machines or sitting at the poker tables.  These two traveled all over to different Indian casinos and had the time of their lives together.

Sissy is survived by her daughters Lloydell “Suzy” Eagle Bull-Mesteth and Jackie “Baby Doll” (Aaron) Eagle Bull-Miller both of Pine Ridge, Imogene (Dominic) Good Shot-Auquero of Santa Fe, NM, Linda Garcia-Yellow Eyes of Alliance, NE, Evangeline “Vange” Jennesse, and Janice Jennesse both of Rapid City, SD; daughter-in-law Lynell Eagle Bull of Pine Ridge; sisters Lindy Trueblood of Rapid City, Gloria (Gary) Goggles of Ethete, WY, and Judy Merdanian of Oglala, SD; sisters-in-law Yvonne “Tiny” (Lee) DeCory, Leatrice “Chick” Big Crow, and Carol Big Crow all of Pine Ridge, Mary Iron Cloud and Donna Eagle Bull, both of Porcupine; grandchildren Jeanne (James) Eagle Bull-Oxendine of Annapolis, MD, Autumn Eagle Bull of Pine Ridge, Larry (Randee) Eagle Bull, Josey Sr (Krystal) Eagle Bull of Rapid City, Jenny Mesteth, Kyle (Tammy) Mesteth, and Tiara Mesteth all of Pine Ridge, Cherise (Beau) Mesteth of Rushville, NE, Erin Miller, Kaylee Miller, and Charla Miller all of Pine Ridge, Kasey (Chelsea) Miller of Rapid City, Tristen & Trinty Jennesse, Sage & Rayven Robinson, and Gabrielle Haas all of Rapid City, and Darrius & Uriah Jennesse; great-grandchildren Jameson (Ashley), Jacob, Jada, & Jace Oxendine, Montel, Rayhen, & Tobi Carlow, Petra Eagle Bull, Gemni White Plume, Hayden, Dayton, Ashton, Sylvia, & Josie Jr Eagle Bull, Shanelle, Addison, and Ryden Two Bulls, Mateo Mesteth, Kiya, Kamraya & Timmy Cuevas, Aurelio Mesteth, Trayson Mesteth, Kinselee, Cash Miller, with a new great-grandchildren this spring and great-great-grandchildren Montel Ray Carlow Jr and another due this summer.

Sissy was preceded in death by her husband Lloyd Eagle Bull; parents Lawrence “Prunes” Ecoffey and Gladys (Ecoffey) Shangreaux; son Larry Ray Eagle Bull; sisters Jacklyn R Palmier and Gwen Minhas; brother Gilbert Ecoffey; grandson Toby Eagle Bull; and son-in-law Perry J Mesteth.

Pallbearers will be Kasey Miller, Kyle Mesteth, Larry Eagle Bull, Josey Eagle Bull, Tristen Jennesse, Aaron Miller, Uriah Jennesse, GW Ecoffey, Derek Puckett, Paul John Iron Cloud, Jesse Trueblood, All Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren.

Honorary pallbearers will be JL, Sam & Charlie Rose Trueblood, Alexia Brave Heart, Raylin Rowland & Family, Shannon “Shanny” Palmier, Cass & Cole Waters, Rawhide Palmier, Jenny Runs Close To Lodge & Family, Elena Singer & Family, Norma Rendon & Family, Chanda Spotted Eagle & Boys, Aspen Rendon & Family, Doni DeCory & Family, Darrell “Brownie” Eagle Bull & Family, Lejtoi Eagle Bull & Family, All Big Crow Families, Poke Joe Merrival & Family, Rusty Merdanian & Family, Darrin Merrival & Family, Tony Merdanian, Debbie Merrival, Tony Fresquez, Misty Brave, Patti Cummings & Family, Michelle Melvin, Donnell Ecoffey, Tammy Crazy Bull & Family, Peggy Wolf & Family, Renee Ecoffey & Family, Jake Ecoffey & Family, George & Paulette Ecoffey, Richard “Dick” Steele & Family, Darrel “Dev” Steele, Dean Steele & Family, Darby & Shelby Steele, Lolly Steele & Family, Alice “Squiggs” Big Crow-Hunter & Family, Ted & Mona Pedragon, Anne Eagle Bull & Family, Debra Iron Cloud & Family, Paul John Iron Cloud & Family, Paulette Iron Cloud & Family, Ashley Brehmer & Family, Heather Brehmer & Family, Dave Michaud, Kathy Janis, Emma Gallego, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Loretta Red Feather, Susan Heathershaw, Steve Shangreaux Jr, Clementine Tyon & Family, Keith Family, Bettelyoun Family, Marjorie & Frank Murdock, Roberta Ecoffey, MaryEllen Red Shirt, Gail Three Stars, Todd, Tim, & Jana Pederson, Darlene Clements, Corby Shangreaux, Yolanda Thompson, Kevin Apple, Michelle “Peaches” Yellow Bird, Veronica Janis, Cora Janis, All Ecoffey Families, Darrell Ratliff, Karen Nelson & Family, Joann Bad Wound & Family, Thersa Perkins & Family, Robert “Lil Bob” Ecoffey & Family, Francis, Laura, & Deanna Big Crow & Families, Sharon Bales, Rusty Puckett & Family, Joyce & Terry Pourier, special nurses Patrick Jesperson RN and Jennifer Eckholt RN, her care providers Cassie Banks and Dr Anpo Charging Thunder, OLC Staff & Board of Directors, Oglala Nursing Home Staff/Residents & Board of Directors, and All Friends & Relatives.

Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge is in charge of arrangements for Sissy Eagle Bull.

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