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First Congregational Church of Crawford is hosting services Oct. 20-24 so you can “Choose Your Eternity Now,” thought to be the first religious revival there in over 60 years.

“The world – even our little corner of it – has been shaken by the recent upheaval around COVID-19 plus social and political conflict,” said FCC Pastor Kyle Huckins. “Our message is the time left is short, so we must now grasp salvation, stability, and peace in Jesus Christ.”

First Congregational last week sent to every physical address in Crawford and Whitney a postcard announcing the meetings. Church members also have invitation cards they’re spreading.

Huckins said the one-hour revival services will be in the church sanctuary, 609 Third Street in Crawford, starting at 6:30 p.m. nightly Wednesday the 20th through Friday the 22nd. The string of services concludes Sunday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. with a rally in Crawford’s City Park.

There will be singing, testimonies, prayer, and preaching on why those in Crawford and Whitney must “Choose Their Eternity Now,” the theme of the revival. “From Scripture, we know there is music in heaven,” said Heather Wolhart, who will lead worship, “and when we sing God’s Word back to Him, we make a real and spiritual connection with the Lord.”

Huckins’ research into Crawford’s history found the last revival anyone could recall was in the late 1950s. While many churches are cutting back on in-person services, he said such gatherings to celebrate eternal life and support one another are essential. Scripture’s Hebrews 10:24-25 commands Christians to meet “so much the more as you see the Judgment Day approaching.”

“The Power of God” is the pastor’s Wednesday message, focusing on the Lord’s might in making the universe and an estimated 9 million species on earth. Not only that, Jesus died and rose back to life, illustrating there is no barrier that God fails to overcome.

“Until you give your life to Christ, your power is limited to yourself,” said Cody Gibbons, an FCC board member. “When you get saved, you can access God’s strength.”

Thursday, Huckins will speak on “The Problem of Man.” Starting with Adam and Eve’s fall, he’ll show why people are unable to save themselves and need to depend on the Lord.

The judgment humanity faces is the topic of “The Promise of Forever” on Friday. This touches on how religion is not the same as salvation and discusses the verdict that God renders on each person’s soul: heaven or hell.

“No one has to go to hell,” Huckins said. “God doesn’t want us to be there. He made it for Satan and his demons. However, if we don’t choose Jesus, then we end up there. To fail to act is to go to hell, since we’re sinful, and God is holy.”

After Saturday off, the finale will be Sunday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. in City Park, as Pastor Huckins preaches the title message, “Choose Your Eternity Now.” He will tell how every person decides their eternal destiny in this life. He believes nothing additional must happen before Christ takes the saved to heaven in The Rapture, meaning each individual needs to choose salvation now or be left behind to face Antichrist in the 7-year Tribulation famous for Revelation 13’s Mark of The Beast and 666.

All services are free and open to the public. A voluntary offering will be taken daily to defray revival expenses. More information on the gatherings is available at or 308-665-3977.

Huckins, 53, began pastoring First Congregational Church this June. He has more than 20 years of experience in ministry and has been a senior pastor in Texas and North Dakota as well as Nebraska. He also has an evangelism nonprofit, Eternity Now, that spreads the Gospel online and in person.

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