Expanded Chadron Transit Bus Operations And Automated Reservation System Now Underway


     The city of Chadron begins its expanded bus system today, adding fixed routes to the long-standing Monday-Friday on-demand call-in system. The on-demand portion runs from 8-4:00 while the 10-stop route system runs from 10-2:00. 

     The route is scheduled to take 40 minutes to complete with stops that include Safeway, Walmart, Chadron Community Hospital, and 4 locations at Chadron State College among others.

    Chadron Transportation Supervisor Julie Lawrence says combining the two will make the City Transit Bus more user-friendly by eliminating the need to call for a ride or pickup if you’re already at one of the stops or want to go further on the route.

Lawrence says the traditional on-demand system continues to offer more flexibility for those whose schedules don’t fit well with the route schedule.

Making reservations for on-demand service is now easier because the automated Trip Master system Lawrence began working on adding almost immediately after starting with the city in April became active today.

Lawrence says you can still make reservations over the phone by calling 432-0520, which is also the number to call to get started with Trip Master

     Chadron is providing the route system as a pilot program for several months. Lawrence says if it proves as popular as she thinks it will, the city will need to get state approval to make it permanent.

Service on both the set route and on-demand buses are still free, although Lawrence anyone who makes the recommended $1 per ride donation will be greatly appreciated.

The Chadron Transit Bus route schedule is available online at the city website 

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  1. After listening, you need to give every rider a card showing the p/u times. If you say you will publish in paper … I don’t get paper!!
    Check how Scottsbluff has made available their schedule.

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