Fall River County Commissioners Dec 31, 2020

Second Floor Courtroom
Year End Meeting Thursday, December 31, 2020

8:00 Commission review of bills

9:00 Call Meeting to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Conflict Of Interest Items for Board Members
Action Items for Consideration:
*Minutes for December 1, December 10 and December 15, 2020
*Landowner Consent to Hazardous Fuels Reduction Grant and Prescribed Treatment
*Amend November 17, 2020 minutes to reflect wage increase in the hiring box to base rate in the amount of
$1.00 per hour for all categories except for jailers & dispatchers at $2.00 per hour, effective December 21, 2020
*Pay ’21 Revised Levy Resolution
*County assistance, death expense applications
(Move any unfinished business to the end of the meeting if needed)

9:05 Bob Evans, Sheriff – *Hire approval for Jonathan Wishard, Jailer, $16.50 per hour, part-time effective December 23, 2020

9:10 Randy Seiler, Highway Superintendent –
*12/21/2020 Fuel Quotes 5000 Gal Unl 5,000-Gal #2 Diesel
Hi-D-Way No Bid No Bid
MG Oil No Bid No Bid
Nelson’s Oil and Gas $1.85/gallon $1.93 per gallon
*12/21/2020 Propane Quotes 1,200 Gal Propane
Hi-D-Way No Bid
McGas $1.49/gallon
Nelson’s Oil and Gas $1.40/gallon
*Year end fuel transfers for the Sheriff, Weed and Pest and Courthouse
*Surplus 2010 Walk N Roll Packer WR75 Series 3 as trade-in for WR75-3 Walk ‘n’ Roll Packer
*LyCox Enterprise Quote for 2020 WR75-3 Walk’n’Roll packer/roller in the amount of $16,985.00
*Surplus 2014 Road Grader, Model CAT 140M2AWDSD – sell or trade-in
*Letter to Tim Goodwin, District 30 Representative – funding for Shep’s Canyon road

9:20 Debra Johnston – *Request signature by Fall River County, landowner for City petition to vacate alley; authorize chairman to sign

9:25 2021 Fall River and Oglala Lakota Contract

9:30 Hearing for vacation of part of a Highway, formerly known as County Road 9 and River Road – Mark Tubbs, Tubbs Land and Cattle; Resolution

9:40 Hearing for supplement, contingency and cash transfers; resolution

9:45 State’s Attorney position – full time or part time, starting in 2021; possible action

9:50 Approve bills
Public comment
Executive Session as per SDCL 1-25-2 (1), Personnel; SDCL 1-25-2 (3), Legal;