Family Communication Key to Safe Teen Driving


Safe teen driving starts with parent-teen communication.

Last year, there were nearly 8,000 motor vehicle crashes involving teen drivers in

Nebraska. Parents can help reduce that number by equipping their teen driver with what they

need to stay safe on the roads.

A good place to begin is with a parent-teen driving agreement. Driving agreements are a
tool for parents and teen drivers to set limits, expectations and agree on safety. A sample
agreement and other safety information for parents is available at :

In addition to the parent-teen driving agreement, safe driving includes:

  • Always wearing a seatbelt
  • No phone use while driving, use the do not disturb feature on your phone
  • No drinking and driving
  • Getting plenty of rest before driving
  • Keep a safe following distance when behind other cars
  • Drive the posted speed limit

For more information about keeping families safe on the road, go to: