Father Of U-S Senator John Thune Dies At Age 100

100-year old Harold Thune, father of South Dakota U-S Senator John Thune has died. The elder Thune  was a World War II veteran, educator, and lifelong South Dakota resident who was preceded in death by his wife Pat.

       Senator Thune issued a statement Saturday that calls is father “the embodiment of the American Dream…a small-town South Dakota kid who worked hard and valued God, family, and country.” 

    The senator said his father lived a life of purpose that imparted a set of values on him and his siblings that he’s always tried to embody and pass on to his kids and grandkids. 

     Thune said his father had always an key, if informal, advisor to him – giving him advice that always made sense and helping make him “a better person, a better father, and a better citizen of this country you helped defend.”

    The senator also said that while the passing of his father hurts and he’s going to miss him, “I can’t help but smile knowing he’s been reunited with my mom, the love of his life,” Thune said. “I’ll miss you, dad, but thank you for making me