Finder Of Fenn Treasure Stays Anonymous, Wyo Site Undisclosed

SANTA FE, NM. (AP) – Famed art and antiquities collector Forrest Fenn says the man who found his hidden treasure last month wants to remain anonymous but that both of them will say that the hiding place was in Wyoming.

The 89-year-old Fenn filled a bronze chest with gold, jewels and other valuables worth an estimated $2 million and hid it a decade ago somewhere in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, posting clues online and in a 24-line poem published in his 2010 autobiography “The Thrill of the Chase.”

Fenn tells the Santa Fe New Mexican that he promised the finder he wouldn’t reveal the man’s identity or where he found the chest, but both of them “understood how important some closure is for many searchers,” so he agreed to reveal the treasure was found in Wyoming.