First COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Could Arrive Today

     FedEx could begin delivering more than 15,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Nebraska today, but Gov Pete Ricketts is keeping the details secret – at least until the deliveries occur.

A second shipment is expected next week, but Ricketts doesn’t know how many doses will be included.

A second vaccine manufactured by Moderna is expected to be approved by the FDA this Thursday with deliveries beginning next week, including shipments to the Panhandle.

        Ricketts is urging Nebraskans to continue to protect themselves against COVID-19 for at least the next several months since it could be early summer before any vaccines make their way to the general public.

The initial doses of vaccine will go to front-line health caregivers including EMS, hospital, nursing home, and long-care facility staffers, followed by residents at such institutions.