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Peppers vs Chilies


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On the morning of Tuesday May 4, 2021, there was some mention of peppers. Many folk confuse peppers with chilies. Although some may appear like the other, they are in fact different. Peppers are from the genus Piper while chilies are from the genus capsicum. Yes, some peppers may taste "hot" or "spicy". However, to look for true heat and/or spiciness, one must use chilies. Some folk seem to gear toward the hot or spicy chilies for heat in their food. Adding heat to anything is certainly no measure of skill, anyone can do that. The trick is to add heat while also maintaining taste. It's also important to realize that chilies don't release their "heat" at the same time or for the same length of time. That's the reason one uses a combination of chilies in their foods. Finally, some mention was made about how to stop or reduce the amount of "heat" once consumed. Many folk have tried to come up with something to immediately counter the heat in capsicum. Milk, bread, water, juice have all been tried. It all comes down to the individual. There's no one fix. What works for Bob may not work for John. If you find something, remember it. You never know when "your" cure might be needed.