Fred “Fluff” Bettelyoun

Funeral services for 80-year old  Fred “Fluff” Bettelyoun are Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 1:00 at the Wolf Creek School Gym with Rol Bradford and Elton Mousseau officiating and traditional Lakota services by Jerome LeBeau

Burial is at St Ann’s Catholic Cemetery, Pine Ridge, SD

A memorial roping in Fluff’s honor will be held at a later date. 

Fred William “Fluff” Bettelyoun was born on December 30, 1941 in Pine Ridge, SD to George Bettelyoun and Thelma “Mim” (Big Crow) Bettelyoun.  Fred made his journey surrounded by his family on January 3, 2022 at his home located at the Bettelyoun Arena in Wolf Creek, SD.  

Fred was a good person, husband, dad, grandpa, uncle, and friend.  He was a dad to all and was known as “Uncle Fluff”.  He was a big influence on a lot of cowboys and cowgirls in the roping world. 

Fluff started roping in the 1970’s and soon became a well-known roper; able to throw a lot of rope in what is now called “reaching.”  Fluff taught his two sons Don and Bill – boy, did he teach them well.  

During his career he won the Sioux Nation Indian Association title in Team Roping, qualified for the INFR in 91 with his oldest son Bill, and won many huge jackpots back in the day.  

Fluff was an influential member of the Oglala Sioux Indian Rodeo Association and continued to compete in Century Team Roping and Senior Men’s Breakaway.  

He also held several roping clinics sponsored by the Shannon County Schools. His dream was to fix up his arena so he could teach roping to young cowboys and cowgirls again.  

Fluff had a way of seeing things and helped others improve.  He had the heart of a champion on and off the Arena.

Fred is survived by his wife of 57 years, Donna Bettelyoun; his children William (Lisa) Bettelyoun, Donnie (Jewel) Bettelyoun, Lynelle (Ken) Bettelyoun-Keith, and Denee (Stewart) Bettelyoun-Mousseaux; hunka son Darrell “Gup” Red Shirt; grandchildren Katrina, Bart, and Fred Keith, Kellie (Casey) Keith-Means, Jonnie (Matthew) Keith-Trueblood, Paige Provost, Kashlin Bettelyoun, James (Michelle), Sarah, and Maria Bettelyoun, James and Jade Stone, Serra and Caezar Bettelyoun; and great-grandchildren Briseis Keith-Janis, Quincy Means, Jacob and Kaiden Brewer, Kenneth and Delores Wilson, Donna Kellie Trueblood, Aiden and Bria Provost, Celesia Dillon, and Bria Bettelyoun; 

He’s also survived by his brothers Isaac “Ike” Bettelyoun and Phil Bettelyoun; sisters Elizabeth “Co” Twiss and Lucy Bettelyoun; hunka brother George “Spec” Wilson; and aunt Leatrice Mills.

Fred was preceded in death by his daughter Lynette Bettelyoun; parents George and Thelma “Mim” (Big Crow) Bettelyoun; brothers Leon “Moss” Bettelyoun, George “Willie” Bettelyoun, and Fred Pond; sister,Gloria Bettelyoun; & hunka brother/cousin Sonny Ruff.

Pallbearers will be Bart Keith, Fred Keith, James Bettelyoun, James Stone, Caezer Bettelyoun, Roger Bettelyoun, Quincy Means, and Kasey Miller.

Honorary pallbearers will be All Family and Friends-Arnelle (Clarence) Skye & Family, Bobbi Jo Clark & Family, Todd Clark & Family, Dugan (Jeri) LeBeau & Family, Gerald LeBeau & Family, Lona (Paul) Vickerman & Family, Dusty Lebeau, Jerome, Beau, Dani, Devon, Feather, Echo, Lyle & Layne LeBeau. Lula, Cathy, and Wes Bettelyoun & Family. Jackie “Baby Doll” Miller & Family. Patricia Arellano & Family, Gino Arellano & Family. Debbie, George, Lew, Trevor, and Melanie Bettelyoun & Family. Connie Twiss & Family, Lindsay Twiss & Family, Fonda Twiss & Family, William “Will Du” and Jaylend Brewer, Darlene Twiss & Family, Georgine Bettelyoun & Family, Paula Bettelyoun & Family, Jason Bettelyoun & Family, Jodee Bettelyoun & Family, Irene “Sissy” Brewer & Family, Frank “Popo” Means & Family, Iva Ruff & Family, Don “Gummer” Garnier, Melvin “Mug” Clifford, Jerry Mousseaux, Monte Tibbitts & Family, Michael Valdez & Family, Lakey Heesacker & Family, Julie Heesacker & Family,  Dave Janis Sr. & Family, Brownie Eagle Bull, Ray Rowland & Family, Lindy Trueblood, J.L. Trueblood, Jesse Trueblood, Yvonne “Tiny” Decory & Family,  Christy Red Hair-Hamilton, Ron Roffers, Chuck Conroy, Doug Patton, Calvet Patton, Estelle Goings, Ray Big Crow, Syrup Big, Tim Big Crow, JLee Big Crow, Bessie Dreamer, Erma Big Crow, Ollie Buckman, Rita Big Crow, Brenda Zimiga, Ruth Pourier, Elizabeth Little, Joyce Brewer, Tom & Ann Conroy, Janice Campos, Terry Goings, Sharon Cuny-Martin, Donna Eagle Bull, Josephine Richards, Frieda Brewer, Ally Bad Heart Bull, Joy Valandra, Vince Brewer, Harold Brewer, Joy Parton, Allie & Darryl Hunter, Kevin Sasse, Jerry Mousseaux, Dick Marshall, Barry Bettelyoun & Family, Sheena Mousseaux & Family. Jake, Paulette, George & Bart Ecoffey. Dean “Moose” Patton & Family, Billy Vitalis, Chick Big Crow & Family, Ramona “Tots” Big Crow & Family. IvaLee Big Crow & Family, Francine Little Bear-Big Crow & Family, Calvin Ghost Bear, Terri Janis, Arlene Brewer, Dominic Waters, David Fire Thunder, Roger the Barber, Terry & Joyce Pourier, Lynn Janis, Kay Janis, Sean Pourier, Brian Thunder Hawk, Misu Bowker, Neil Thunder Hawk, Justin Pourier, Casey Provost, Jeremy Pourier, Pete Bissonette, Elizabeth “Cissee Jo” Beane, Shawn Keith, Nellie Long, Lonnie Tausan, Troy Whalen, Laverne LeBeau & Family. Ramona Gracey & Family. Anthony “Pogo” Arellano, Carol Abold & Family, and Eddie Abold & Family, Sonia Little-Hawk Weston, Jane Rodriguez, Loretta Little Hawk, Darnelle Mitchell & Family, Jane Ruff & Family, Lola Lessert & Family, Vina Ruff & Family, Emma Ruff & Family, Billy Black, Richard “Scheech” Greenwald & Family, Wyonia Cottier & Family, Illa Lone Hill, Frank Siers, Ted Siers, Jackie Siers and Alice Siers, Stacey Ecoffey, Chanda Rendon, Neighbors The Hill Families.

Cowboys and Cowgirls Rol Bradford, Alton Mousseaux, Paul Tierney, Sam Stoddard, Lloyd Pickett, Alfred Armajo and Family, Ty Fisher, Scott Weston, Sam Clifford, Terry Fisher, Paul John Iron Cloud, Mary Iron Cloud, JD Williams, Tim Lessert, Ducky Harris, Lynn Williams and Family, Dallas Louden, George Cummings & Family, Keith and Family, Iva Joe Ruff & Family, Lola Lessert, Bobbi Pond & Family, Bud Pond, Nick Cummings & Family, Mark Clifford, Barney Janis, J.D. Williams, Billy Gunville, Jeremy & Kristen Ferguson Family, Ken Carpio, Mike Not Afraid & Family, Link & Deb Thompson, Roger Latshaw, Shawn Swallow, Jim Cole, Swede Cole, White Wolf Family, Spike Guardipee, Shane Avery & Family, Michael Bradford, Susan Heathershaw, Myron Heathershaw & Family, John Ward, Aldon Lessert, Bodie Weston, Beans Weston, Jim Jacobs, Sam O’rourke, Chuck Jacobs, Tim Jacobs, Dave Pourier, Steve Pourier, Lee Hicks, Mike Carlow, Pat Carlow, Waters Boys, Francis Cuny, Brew Crew Horse Racers, Barb Linehan, Jeff Red Owl, Jake Longbrake, Henry Livermont, Smiley Sierra, Elliot Gourneaux, Jim Colombe, Morris Twiss, Salty Twiss, Cakes Tibbitts & Gilbert Janis, Pat Swallow, Clint Swallow, Ray Swallow, Bart Ness, Clint Whipple, Josh Whipple, Tally Plume, Myron Heathersaw & Wife, Emmett Thompson & Family Frank & Jamie Lawrence Lloyd Twiss & Family Bill White, Bernie Schnose, Michael Little, Bob & Donna Shedeed, Darrell Twiss & Family, Oren, Arlo, Marvin Provost, Delane Provost, Neil Linehan. 

Heartfelt thank you to Dr Andrew Modic, Dr Purdy, Dr Megan Shuckman, Still Water Hospice, and the Chadron Hospital Nursing staff who all provided Fluff with quality care and compassion during his hospital visits/stays.  

And to all other Friends, Relatives, and Others that loved and crossed paths with Fluff throughout the years: our apologies to those who we may have forgotten to mention. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD