Friday Tornado Destroyed House, But Winds And Hail Did More Damage In Scottsbluff Area


     The National Weather Service has confirmed it was a tornado that destroyed a house east of Scottsbluff about 7:00 Friday evening, but that wind and hail caused more damage in the Twin Cities area.

    Region 21 Emergency Manager Tim Newman told KNEB News that National Weather Service staff on Saturday reviewed damage from the twister and the thunderstorms that preceded and followed it.

      While the tornado destroyed the house along Hwy 26 east of 21st Century Equipment, most of the damage for the night came from hail and straight-line winds, including downed power lines, overturned irrigation pivots, and damaged trees and tree limbs.

      Newman said the financial impact from the storms will likely reach well into the millions of dollars with large, heavy hail that fell in several locations getting the majority of the blame. 

      Scottsbluff’s solar power site had a large number of panels damaged or destroyed by the hail. 

       The home that was destroyed was rented by Bill and Shelly Wilson, who were inside with their 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 6 grandchildren when the tornado struck. 

      All were able to get into the basement in time and were not injured, but they did need help getting out.

     Carissa Schank with the Firefighter Ministry in Scottsbluff told KNEB those wanting to help the Wilsons should donate to their GoFundMe page.

       Newman said the only injury from the storms Friday night was a man who said he was driving when the tornado picked up his vehicle, then dropped it. Tor