Gilbert “Jake” Bissonette Jr

Funeral services for 62-year old Gilbert “Jake” Bissonette Jr are Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the Bissonette residence, 2 Miles north of Pine Ridge on Hwy 18 with traditional Lakota services by Paul J Bissonette Sr

Burial services are at the Bissonette Family Cemetery in Cheyenne Creek, SD

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Dec 11, 2020 at 3:00 PM, also at the Bissonette residence

Gilbert “Jake” Joseph Bissonette Jr was born on June 10th, 1958 to Gilbert Joseph Bissonette Sr. and Jeanette Waters-Bissonette. Gilbert “Jake” made his journey to the spirit world on December 4th, 2020 at his home in Cheyenne Creek, Pine Ridge, SD. 

Gilbert “Jake” is survived by his brothers, Paul Paulson Bissonette Sr., Frank Bissonette, Roger Ray Bissonette Sr., and John “Oats” Bissonette; one sister, Wendy Mary Bissonette, all from Pine Ridge, SD; aunts, Isabelle Lone Elk from Kansas and Josephine Bissonette-Fast Wolf; best friend, Leon “Frog” Lakota; uncle, Albert Waters, Sr.; and numerous nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Gilbert “Jake” was preceded in death by his mother, Jeanette Waters-Bissonette; father, Gilbert Bissonette Sr.; sister, Jenny Eva Bissonette; children, Lisa Marie Bissonette and Mikey Joe Bissonette; aunts, Victoria Waters-White Magpie, Leona Waters, and Maxine Lakota; uncles, Lawrence Red Feather, Pedro Bissonette Sr., and Jerome Bissonette; cousins, Veda Waters, Matilda Waters, and Alan Waters, and Virgil Bissonette; grandparents, Susie Lone Elk, Rosie Red Feather-Waters, Harry Paul Waters, and Joe Bissonette; and nephew, Daniel Bissonette. 

Pallbearers will be Emmitt Rodriguez, Brandon Blue Bird, Brandon Bissonette, Daniel Bissonette, Paul Bissonette Jr., Ernie “Pasu” Waters Jr., Jacob Wanamaker, Josh Wanamaker, Charlie Waters Jr., and Kenny Apple.

Honorary pallbearers will be Josephine Fast Wolf, Albert Waters, Victor Bissonette, Jr., Violet Bissonette, Virginia Bissonette, Cecil Apple, Sr. & Family, Chase & Angel Roy, Kellie Rodriguez & Family, Mish Bissonette & Family, Calvin “Rev” Waters, Clifton Waters, Jewelia & Franklin Budino, Rocky Bissonette & Family, Pedro Bissonette, Jr. & Family, Duane Waters, Charlie Waters, Sr., Lacie Rodriguez, Sandra White Magpie & Family, Steviann O. White Magpie & Family, Steven O. White Magpie & Family, Robert Two Dogs & Family, Anthony Waters & Family, Sioux Dawn Wanamaker & Family, Israel “Izzy” Bissonette, Joshua Wanamaker & Family, Jeanette M. Bissonette II, Kellie Arpan & Family, Paul Bissonette, Jr., Josh Bissonette, Ryan Bissonette & Family, Derek Bissonette & Family, Angel Piper & Family, Violet Waters & Family, John “Goose” Waters & Family, Wanda Waters & Family, Dominic Waters & Family, Michelle Randall & Family, Faith, Hope, Jessica, Narcisse, Ethan & Ray Fast Wolf, Nikki Condon, Debbie Mendoza, Tia Fast Wolf, RJ & Jana Bissonette & Family, Martha Duron, Lula Walking & Family, Isabelle Lone Elk, Tinky Steele & Family, Jim Rodriguez, Felix & Lupe Rodriguez, Chelsea & Ed Ghost Bear, Vanessa Red Cloud & Family, Janice Campos & Family, Ron & Maggie Red Cloud & Family, Delilah White Dress, Peggy White Dress, Cecil Little Hawk, Sr., Linda Walking-McClung & Family, Wanda Lakota & Family, Darrell Walking, Paul Walking, George Red Feather, Stanley Flying Hawk, Beverly “Smo” Wounded-Bull Head, Franklin Waters, June Two Bulls, Cleveland Waters, William Waters, Jenni Waters & Family, Thomas and Linda Waters, Connie Little Hawk Family, Brenda Protector and Family, Norma Red Cloud, Tammi Cross and Family, Dana Cross and Family, Harriet Waters-Twiss and family, Michelle Bissonette, Carol Lakota, and Family, Rachel Bissonette and Family, Elvyn Doug Bissonette, Jr. & Family, Bonnie Returns & Family, Amanda Red Feather, Lakita, Stacy, Raymond, Jerome, Lakayla & Family, Quincy Red Feather, Theresa Red Feather & Family, Lucille Red Feather & Family, Teresa Waters & Family, Paul “Chili” and Frankee White Dress, Little Hawk Family, Bob Lakota, Marvelle Thunder Hawk & Family, Red Feather Family, Waters Family, Weasel Bear Family, Two Bulls Family, Long Family, Catches Family, Albert Waters, Jr. & Family, Jacob Bissonette, Dakota Bissonette & Family, Lakota Bissonette, Gilbert Bissonette, Matthew Bissonette, Samantha Waters-Hairy Bird, Carmen American Horse & Family, Heather Shepard & Family, Tad Clarke, Matthew “Bumper” Marshall & Family, Joel American Horse, Jeanie Waters & Family, Mayon Yellow Boy-Lakota, Jackie Siers & Family, Alice Sears & Family, Paul Siers & Family, Evans “Binky” Rencountre, Erica Crow, Eric Buckman & Family, Earleen Long Wolf, Ricky Bagola & Family, JJ Bagola & Family, Gloria Yellow Boy-Waters, Crystal “SissyBug” Waters, Janelle Waters & Family, Fred Yellow Boy, Kyleen Waters & Family, Allison “Allie” Bagola, Candy Yellow Boy, Kenny Apple, Kathy Waters & Family, Marty Red Feather, John Bordeaux & Family, Tesse Chase In Sight & Family, Genevieve Ribitsch, Stephanie & Cole Two Bulls, Marilyn Maestas, Nadine Morrison, Lionel Morrison, and All Relatives & Friends. 

 Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD