Gov Noem Calls Oct 5 Special Session On Spending Federal Coronavirus Stimulus Funds

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is calling a special session of the state legislature in two weeks on Monday, Oct 5th, on how to use the state’s share of federal COVID-19 stimulus relief funds.

       South Dakota received $1.25-billion dollars from the federal CARES Act that must be spent by Dec 30th, and Noem has so far committed only about $500-million of that total. 

     She says the state has used the money as intended to cover many costs related to COVID-19, leaving it in “tremendous shape” in the fight against the virus and she’s looking forward to deciding how to spend the rest.

      Noem says she and her team have spent many hours talking with members of the general public and numerous lawmakers, especially the leaders of both chambers, so she’s anxious to hear from the entire legislature in its official capacity.