Halloween Safety Vital During Pandemic

Saturday is Halloween but no one has any good estimate of how many people will go to parties or head out to Trick-or-Treat this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

       Panhandle health officials are urging all those who do decide to go out to take extra caution because the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing rapidly in Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota as well as the Panhandle.

      They recommend avoiding groups where you can’t maintain 6-feet distance from others, wearing a mask or maintaining the 6-foot margin when with people you don’t live with, and avoiding enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. 

     The Chadron Police Department wishes everyone a happy, fun, and above all, safe Halloween. 

       School Resource Officer Derek Bauer says that to ensure everyone who chooses to participate in our beloved trick or treat traditions have positive experiences, we suggest following these tips.

  • Avoid large gatherings or groups.
  • Wait for others to leave a residence before approaching.
  • When handing out treats, consider sitting outside and lining up treats on a table.


  • Always escort your young children and carry a flashlight.
  • Walk on the sidewalks. If there is no sidewalk, walk along the left curb facing oncoming traffic.
  • Instruct your children NEVER to enter any homes.
  • Stay in well-lit areas.
  • Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.
  • Dress your children in appropriate fitting costumes to avoid tripping and snagging.
  • Consider placing reflective or glow in the dark tape on your children’s costumes.
  • Avoid replica firearms, swords, or toys which can be mistaken for the real thing.
  • Teach children their home and/or parent’s cellular phone number or 911 in case they get lost.


  • Do not trick-or-treat by yourself. Stay in a group.
  • Do not take short cuts, especially through alleys.
  • Obey all traffic signals and look in all directions when crossing the street.
  • Walk! Do not run to your intended destination and don’t dart in and out of cars or driveways.
  • If there are no side-walks stay as far left of the roadway as possible.
  • Always assume the driver does not see you.
  • Only trick-or-treat at homes with their porch light on.
  • Never approach a vehicle offering candy.


  • Turn on your porch light so children know it is all right to visit your home.
  • If you are placing a Jack-O-Lantern on your porch, place a glow stick inside instead of a candle.
  • Hand out only commercially wrapped candy.
  • Never invite children into your home.
  • Keep pets away from children.
  • Maintain clear walkways that are free from obstruction.


  • Drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Look for children on the street, crossing driveways, and darting in between parked vehicles.
  • Avoid using your cell phone while driving because it will cause a distraction
  • Play your music at a reasonable volume so you can listen for potential children crossing your path.
  • Never drink and drive.

Happy Halloween Everyone!