Happy New Year

      Today is New Year’s Day. All government offices – city, county, state, and federal – are closed as are all financial institutions.

There is no mail delivery and schools are still on holiday break.

        January 1st is traditionally a time to look both back and forward…fitting since the month is named after the 2-headed Roman god Janus.

       Governor Pete Ricketts included wishes for a happy and joyous New Year in his formal holiday message, which focused on the many challenges of the just completed year – the second tough one in a row.

       While 2019 was dominated by the most widespread natural disaster in state history, 2020 will be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic – which Ricketts says made it “one of the toughest peacetime years in our nation’s history.”

      The governor also says that once again, Nebraskans “displayed remarkable grit, resilience, and compassion despite very challenging circumstances,” and that their sacrifices over the past 1o months to slow the spread of the virus and protect our communities will be remembered for years to come.”

      Ricketts singles out for praise “healthcare workers have gone beyond the call of duty to help keep people healthy, long-term care teams (who) protected our elderly, and family members (who) made great sacrifices to keep vulnerable Nebraskans safe.”

       He also offers thanks on behalf of all Nebraskans to the doctors, nurses, caregivers, lab technicians, public health leaders, and so many others across the state for their heroic work, and says he’s confident that just as the state rebuilt bigger and better after the 2019 flood, it will emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

        Ricketts concludes his message by saying his wife Susanne and their kids join him in wishing all Nebraskans a happy and blessed New Year along with the reminder “to buckle up, travel safely, and never drink and drive.”