Herbster, Noem Cutting Ties With Lewandowski


     Republican politicians around the country are quickly distancing themselves from Corey Lewandowski, a longtime advisor to Donald Trump who’s accused of making unwanted sexual advances to a GOP donor.

     Nebraska candidate for governor Charles Herbster said Thursday he was cutting ties with Lewandowski, saying he’s known him since 2015 and was using him as a senior advisor to his campaign.

       Lewandowski recorded an endorsement video for Herbster, a Falls City businessman and rancher 3 weeks ago in which he praised Herbster for always maintaining his support of Trump.

       South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem also cut ties with Lewandowski yesterday. He’d been a key advisor in her  political rise over the last year, joining her at political events across the country.

      The conservative website American Greatness suggested this week their relationship went far deeper and that they’d engaged in an affair, despite both being married.

     The story cited multiple anonymous sources as telling it that members of Congress called the affair an “open secret.” Noem responded Wednesday with a tweet calling the report “total garbage” and a “disgusting lie.”

       Pedro Gonzalez, author of the piece, is a longtime critic of Noem and says he stands behind his reporting 100%. He says the allegations have been circulating in national political circles for over a year, but he didn’t act until he felt he’d talked to enough first-hand sources to confirm them.

      Gonzalez says the “overwhelming consensus” of those he met with was “finally…we have someone to talk to.” He also says he’s planning a follow-up piece now that Noem has responded and his own reputation is on the line.