It’s A Full Moon, Blue Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Micro-Moon, And Mini-Moon Tonight

      One of the traditional images of Halloween is a witch riding a broom in front of a full moon, but because of the quirks of the calendar and planetary movement, Halloween has a full moon only about every 20 years and with even longer gaps at times.

       There will be a full moon tonight, and it’s the first one on Halloween in 76 years – since 1944 – and the next won’t be until 2039.

       Tonight is also a Blue Moon, the second full moon in the same calendar month. Blue Moon is commonly used in describing an event that doesn’t happen very often, but there are Blue Moons about every 2-½ years.

       Tonight’s full moon is also a micro-moon or a mini-moon because the moon is currently near its apogee – its farthest distance from the earth, although it won’t look any smaller to the average person 

      And it’s also the Hunter’s Moon, the first full moon after the harvest and the Harvest Moon, the full moon nearest the fall equinox up to 2 weeks on either side of the equinox.