It’s Fireworks Season In Nebraska Again

CHADRON – It’s fireworks season in Nebraska again, with state law allowing the sale and use of fireworks today through the 4th of July.

Each community can adopt stricter limits, so it may be another day or two before your town allows the start of sales or expands the hours when fireworks can be used.

Chadron, for example, allows fireworks from 8 am to 10 pm now until the 4th, when fireworks can be set off until 1 am. It’s also unlawful to discharge fireworks in a public park or within 300 feet of a fireworks stand or gas station.

There’s always the concern among area fire officials that fireworks will start a fire in grass, shrubs, and trees with the recent hot, dry weather and a forecast calling for more increasing that concern, so extreme caution is urged.

Firework sales are legal in South Dakota from this Saturday, June 27, through Sunday, July 5, which is also the final day to legally discharge fireworks.

Chadron Police Chief Tim Lordino has some other safety tips you should follow.
U se fireworks as only intended and according to their instructions.
Don’t try to alter them or combine them. Attempts to manufacture homemade fireworks can be deadly and may be criminal in nature.
Have adult supervision at all times.
Discharge fireworks in a clear and open area.
Always have water on hand (A hose or bucket).
Never relight a “dud” firework.
Do not point or throw fireworks at another person, object, or animal.
Discharge one firework at a time.
Avoid the use of alcohol while discharging fireworks
Be aware that fireworks even utilized in the right way can malfunction causing serious injury or death.
When shooting fireworks off with friends, ensure there is appropriate space so that people avoid running into each other during the “light and get away!” process.
Have an alternate light source such as a flashlight or illumination available to see what you are attempting to light.
Report inappropriate or misuse of fireworks to the Chadron Police Department @ 432-0510

Get more tips online from the Consumer Product Safety Commission at

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