It’s Presidents’ Day – Or George Washington’s Birthday

    Today is a national holiday – either Presidents’ Day or George Washington’s Birthday, depending on the state –  with federal, state, and county offices closed. 

     There’s no mail delivery, and banks and other financial institutions closed. Some cities and school districts observe the holiday, others do not. 

     While the official federal designation for the holiday is Washington’s Birthday, most calendars refer to it as Presidents’ Day to honor all the men who’ve held the office.

     Congress moved Washington’s Birthday in 1971 from his actual birthdate of Feb 22nd to the 3rd Monday of the month to always fall between Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s on the 12th.

    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, in his Presidents’ Day message, says it’s fitting that the holiday falls between two of the nation’s most revered leaders. 

     He singles them out for their leadership and dedication to the country, saying that “as we reflect on the lives of these great Presidents, let’s carry on their legacy by empowering the next generation to rise up to the challenge of self-government. 

      For Panhandle public schools, it’s a day off for students but an in-service day for teachers – the 35th annual Educational Service Unit 13 Mid-Winter Conference, offering a combination of in-person and zoom sessions because of the ongoing pandemic.

     There will be 7 virtual sessions, 4 at the Gering Civic Center, 2 at Gering High School, and one at Chadron High School. 

      The Chadron session runs the full day and is titled “From Sandy Hook to COVID-19, Lessons Learned in Crisis. The leader is national speaker and school safety advocate Carly Posey, whose 2 youngest children survived the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting

      Posey, who now lives with her family in Colorado, is Mission Director for the “I Love U Guys” Foundation, which is focused on helping students and schools return to normal from the COVID-19 pandemic.