Keep our Little Ghosts and Goblins Safe this Halloween

Halloween is always an exciting time for littles with more children and families on the roads and on streets and intersections where they are not expected. Anticipate children may come out from between parked cars or behind trees and shrubs. Slower speeds save lives.

Whether by car, bus, bike, or other, we all have different preferences when it comes to getting to our destination, but we do have one thing in common — at some point, everyone is a pedestrian. Panhandle Public Health District wants to remind everyone that choosing safe behaviors behind the wheel could save their, or someone else’s life.

“As a driver, it’s easy to take safety for granted around pedestrians and others along the road, but too many people are still paying with their lives,” said Janelle Visser, Health Educator with Panhandle Public Health District. “Unfortunately, if there is a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian is most likely to be the one killed or injured. Everyone is responsible for safety on our roads.”

Wearing bright colors during the day and using lights or reflectors when it is dark outside can help decrease crash risks for pedestrians. Most pedestrian crashes (77%) happen when it is dark outside; wearing reflective material, a blinking light, or carrying a flashlight makes it easier for a driver to see you.

“We live in an age of constant distraction where life is hectic, and people are busy. But taking a few extra steps each day before and while you drive, walk, or run could prevent someone from losing their life,” said Visser. “Let’s keep each other safe, and always remember to move over and slow down for anyone along the side of the road.”

Whether you’re a concerned resident, a parent, or a caregiver, you need to do everything you can to make sure you, your loved ones, and your neighbors are safe while enjoying a walk or bike ride in your community especially on Halloween.

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