Kimball City Council Turns Down Mayor’s Choice For City Administrator

The Kimball City Council has rejected Mayor Keith Prunty’s selection of City Treasurer Annette Brower as city administrator, citing concerns over the selection process.

        Brower was part of the initial review committee and saw every application until she applied herself late in the process.

        Several residents expressed concern to the council about that. Amy Sapp told the council she didn’t think the process was in the best interest of the city because it wasn’t transparent or fair for Brower to be on the review committee and then become a candidate.

       The other finalist to be city administrator is also a current Kimball department head, Water Superintendent Carson Sisk.

       There’s no word when Kimball is resuming the search process or whether it will start the application process all over or go back only part way, such keeping the initial applications while accepting new ones.