Leland Shangreaux

Funeral services for 60-year old Leland Joe Shangreaux will be Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 5:00 PM at the Medicine Root Pow-Wow Grounds in Kyle, SD, with Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating.

Burial Services will be at the Shangreaux Family Plot in the No Flesh community of Kyle.

A wake services will precede the funeral from 11:00 – 5:00 Thursday, also at the Medicine Root Pow-Wow Grounds in Kyle

Leland Joe Shangreaux was born on March 12, 1960 in Pine Ridge, SD to Pete Shangreaux and Phoebe (Two Crow) Shangreaux and made his journey to the Spirit World on July 27, 2020, at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Leland was preceded in death by his special friend Charlene Janis; son JoDon Shangreaux; father Pete Shangreaux; mother Phoebe Two Crow-Shangreaux; nephew Nathan Red Owl; brothers Larry Wayne Shangreaux and Elroy Shangreaux; sons-in-law Kyle Mesteth and Jason Feather Earring; and uncle Donovan Shangreaux.

Leland is survived by his daughters Latina (Catlin) Shangreaux, Kristy (Jeremy) Contessia, Tashina (Renzel) Shyloe, and Natasha Shangreaux; sons Robert, Brendon, and Cameron Janis; siblings Glenda Hopkins, Bill Shangreaux, and Elvira “Baby Girl” Shangreaux; uncles Baptiste Shangreaux, Mike Shangreaux, and Corbin Shangreaux; aunts Marlys Shangreaux and Wildine Shangreaux; grandchildren De’Shane, De’Shawn, De’Ontae, and De’Juan Pourier; Kaylee Mesteth, Jazlyn Fraser, Jaxson Fraser, Kyrie Shangreaux, Dawson & Tayvion Rooks, Brielle Janis, Shaiden Bear Runner, Shevelle Shangreaux, Gevaiya & Jaiven Conroy, Elijah, Gaidge, Jerzey, Lennox, and Maddox Shangreaux, and Jayce & Phoenix Two Eagle; and his dog, Lucky.

Pallbearers will be Robert Janis, Adam Shangreaux, Larry Shangreaux, Jered Shangreaux, William Hopkins, Jess Red Owl, Dustin Shangreaux, and Donte Shangreaux.

Honorary pallbearers will be Taylor (Toni) Janis, Rose & Vincent Fraser, Tom & Michelle Allen, Darlene & Greg Towry, David McBride, George McBride, Duane Janis, Robin Janis, Dean Two Crow, Willie, Cheryl, & Kennita Janis, Alvin & Calvin Janis, Joseph Rosales, Sr., Joseph Rosales, Jr., Joey Red Owl, Jodie Janis, Davey Red Owl, Butterball, Junie, Richard Dale, Boob Shots, Lester Kills Straight, Jo Bass, Elwin Broken Rope, Mark Apple, Clarissa Shangreaux & Family, Luke Little Whiteman, Myron Janis, Harold Red Owl, Art Rodriguez, Kimmi Shangreaux & Family, Lauren Janis, CJ Janis & Family, Connie Two Crow & Family, Tina Two Crow & Family, Clay Has No Horse, Jake Brave Heart, Eli Brave Heart, Misty & Howard Rooks & Family, Gloria Two Crow, Myron Sierra & Family, Rose Old Horse, Elwin Brave Heart, Leon & Lowell Few Tails, Vanessa Shangreaux & Family, Dillon Shangreaux, Donnie & Dustin Janis, Jodie Shangreaux, Mike Bissonette, Kyle Senior Citizens, Monument Health Nurses, Billie Jean Red Owl & Family, Phoebe, Hopey, Lyndon, & Drew Shangreaux, Bill & Mona Brave Heart, and All Relatives & Friends.

Arrangements entrusted to the Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, S.D.