Leon Janis Sr

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Funeral services for 69-year old Leon Janis Sr , Monday, March 1, 2021 at 10:00 AM at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with Reverend Rhoda Mesteth officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Rich Giago

Burial services are at Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 at 1:30 PM, also at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge

Leon Paul Janis Sr “Inyan Sab Icanyan” was born on Feb 12, 1952 in Pine Ridge, SD to Ival “Spot” Janis and Geraldine (High Wolf) Janis. Leon made his journey to the Spirit World on February 23, 2021 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Leon is survived by his wife, Linda Janis; daughters, Leann (Stacy) Winters, Kayla (Willie White) Peoples, Kelsey Janis, Madison Janis and Leta Janis; sons, Leon (Denise) Janis, Jr., and Robert (Erin) Janis; siblings, Veronica, Emerald,, Terri, Francine, Cora, Eileen (Milford), Patrick (Angie) and Ival (Simone) Janis, Jr.; and grandchildren, Michael Winters, Sunshynne Winters, Madison Janis, Leta Janis, Kaycee Janis, Leon Janis III, Geo Janis, Jayann Janis, Keith Janis, Delane White, Anna Janis, Lacey White, Michealie Goodman, Malik Janis, Pamela Janis, Michael Goodman Jr., Sage White, Hannah, Evie, Makayla, Quentin, and Wren Janis, and Gus Gray.

Leon was preceded in death by his parents, Ival “Spot” Janis and Geraldine (High Wolf) Janis; cousins, George “Guy” Janis and Robert “Rock” Janis; uncles, Guy “Boob” Janis and Raymond High Wolf; nephews, Vincent “Vinny” Brewer III, Timothy Janis, Francis Janis and Jon Garnier; and grandparents, Francis Janis, Cora Bird Necklace, and Sadie Fills Pipe.

Pallbearers will be Mike Carlow, Pat Carlow, Bill Means, Dick Marshall, Luke Ponds, Warren Giago, Dusty LeBeaux, Jess Mendoza, Vince Brewer, Delane Provost, Robert Charging Crow, Rick Two Dogs, Charlie Abouresk, Orrison “Toe” Cuny, Jim Colombe and Joe “Bat” Richards.

Honorary pallbearers will be Vince Brewer, Bryan Brewer, Doug Janis & Family, Terry Richards & Family, Stacy Winters, Floyd Running Hawk, Artie Carlow, Michael Carlow III, Jess Hart, Cass Waters, Casey Means, Sharon Ross & Family, Hank Means, Verlyn Garnier, Jon Janis, Johnse Donovan, Waylon Janis, Michael Janis, Clayton High Wolf, Sr., Clayton High Wolf, Jr., Daelon High Wolf, Lisa High Wolf-LaDeaux & Family, Ivis Long Visitor, Orville Oldson, LJ Oldson, Irv Provost & Family, Wanda Donovan & Family, Geno & Phyllis Winters & Family, Gilbert Janis, Louie Janis, Pope Means, Barney Janis, Terry Goings, Bud, Bobby, Luke and Greg Ponds, Bryan Running Horse, Leonard Merrival, Gilbert Jones, Reno Red Cloud & Family, Fawn Red Cloud, MarlLynn Red Cloud, Rod Janis, Rob Waters, Adam Waters, Julie Richards, Eddison Richards, Pete & Starlet Fills The Pipe, Willie White, Tiny DeCory, Terry Two Bulls & Family, Bobbie Ponds, Dean Brewer, Pete Bissonette, Don “Gummer” Garnier, Clarence Janis, Todd Waters, Kelly Waters, Darby Steele, Lolly Steele, Betty Goings & Family, Lena Goings & Family, Tanya Janis, Donnie Ghost Bear, Calvin Ghost Bear, Orson Cuny, “Cuny Dog”, Posh Camp, Vic & Rayna Camp, Cis Irene Means-Brewer, Anne Long Soldier, “Popcorn” Ponds, “Johnny Cakes” LaDeaux, Sis Vitalis, Dean Janis, Joylynn Parton, Tuffy & Rose Lunderman & Family, Shannon Palmier & Family, Mark Clifford, Lula Janis & Family, Florence Janis & Family, Darlene Janis-Short Bull & Family, Evans Youngman & Family, Jesse Cole Provost, Kalen Janis, Sylvia Tobacco, Dale Youngman, Ella John Carlow & Family, Andre (Martha) Janis, Wilma Colhoff, Arlo Provost & Family, Marvin Provost & Family, Orren Provost & Family, Harry John Steele, Josh Steele, Garfield Steele, Corn Tyon, James Red Cloud & Family, Tom & Annie Conroy, Cole Waters, Tim and Chance Chief Eagle, Kevin and Donovan Steele, Shawn Gray, Leonard Peltier, Reggie and Jim Cedar Face, Freida Brewer, Brian Kindle, Rock Bissonette, Monte & Punk Whalen & Family, Kevin, Kim and Patrick Killer & Families, Jean, Colton and Val Hernandez, John Steele & Family, Earl Tall, Betty Tall JoAnn Tall, White Plume Family, Goings Family, Shangreaux Family, Feather Earring Family, Bear Runner Family, Nelson Family, American Indian Movement, All AIM Brothers & Sisters, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD