Lincoln Chase Ends In Shootout; 1 Suspect Dead, 1 In Critical Condition, 1 Officer With Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

      A police chase Saturday morning in Lincoln ended in a shootout between police and 2 suspects, a man and a woman, that left the woman dead, the man in critical condition and a Lincoln police officer with non-life-threatening injuries. Names have not been released.

         It began with a man reporting he was robbed about 8:40 am in the parking lot of a northwest Lincoln hotel by a man with a pistol, who was accompanied by a woman. The pair fled in an SUV that was spotted by a Nebraska State trooper after the robbery victim was alerted that his credit card had been used at a northeast Lincoln gas station.

       A chase ensued during which the male suspect shot at the trooper, who was able to tap the vehicle with his cruiser in a standard intervention technique that spun the SUV to a stop under the 1-80 bridge on Hwy 77. 

       The two suspects drew guns and started firing at the trooper, a second trooper,  and a Lincoln officer who had both arrived at the scene. The 3 officers returned fire and hit both suspects, who were taken into custody and transported to a local hospital by ambulance. The woman died following emergency surgery.