Lincoln Grand Jury Clears Police In Shootout Deaths Of Wyoming Couple


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       A grand jury in Lincoln has found no wrongdoing by law enforcement officers in the deaths of a Wyoming couple during a shootout earlier this year.

      The grand jury says Lincoln police officers and Nebraska State Patrol troopers acted correctly during the Feb 20 confrontation that led to the deaths of 26-year-old Christian Alexander of Evansville and 30-year-old Hailey Stainbrook of Casper.  

        The shooting occurred after the couple robbed a man at gunpoint in a LIncoln hotel parking lot, then led police on a high-speed chase then ended when a state trooper used a tactical maneuver to force their stolen SUV to crash.

        Alexander pointed a gun at 4 different officers, who shot and killed him. The officers then spent about 7 minutes trying to get Stainbrook to drop her gun so they could provide medical aid to Alexander. She refused, then pointed her gun at them. They fired and killed her. 

        Footage from car and body cameras captured the entire incident. A grand jury investigation is required any time someone dies in custody or in the process of being arrested.