Lions Club Fur Trade Days “Procession Of Occupied Motor Vehicles” Confirmed

CHADRON – The Chadron City Council Monday night unanimously approved a resolution allowing the Chadron Lions Club to close 3rd Street/Hwy 20 at Main Saturday morning at 10:00 for the Fur Trade Days Parade.

Parades are still banned under the state’s coronavirus rules, but club spokesman Dennis Brown emphasized to the council that what’s being held is officially a “Procession of Occupied Motor Vehicles,” which is allowed.

He said the Panhandle Public Health District has given the proposal its full support, including the “Procession” idea in which participants don’t leave their vehicles and attendees don’t line the streets.

That means two big differences from the traditional Fur Trade Days Parade – there will be no handing out of candy or other items and Main Street will not be closed so that “Procession” viewers can park on the street to watch.

KCSR will once again have a live broadcast of the parade, which is expected to be much smaller than in normal years.