Malcolm Eagle Louse

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Funeral services for 56-year old Malcolm Eagle Louse are Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM at the Eagle Louse residence 2.5 Miles south of Oglala on Hwy 18 with traditional Lakota services by  Mr. Richard Broken Nose

 Burial services at St Peter’s Episcopal Cemetery, Oglala, SD

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Dec 4, 2020 at 4:00 PM, also at the Eagle Louse residence.

Malcolm John Eagle Louse was born on July 29, 1964 in Pine Ridge, SD to Charles Eagle Louse, Jr. and Goldie Broken Nose.  Malcolm made his journey to the Spirit World on November 25, 2020 at the Avas House in Sioux Falls, SD.

Malcolm is survived by his children, Tawny S. Eagle Louse, Bo Sits Poor, Victoria Eagle Louse, and Monte Eagle Louse; grandchildren, Peyton, Samuel, Brian, David, and Carlin; uncles, Richard Broken Nose and Nason Backs; brothers, Elton Eagle Louse and Ken LaDeaux; sisters, Jerlene Arredondo, Jocelyn Apple, and Genevieve Ribitsch; nieces, Amaris Swallow, Chevy Eagle Louse, Jamie Bear Robe, Williona Bear Robe, Darwina Matcham, Latonia Eagle Louse, Tristine Cross Dog, Riva Red Feather, Natasha Ballantine, Tesse Chase In Sight, and Lisa LaDeaux-Begay; nephews, Paul Nava, James Bear Robe, Jr., John Bear Robe, Darwin Eagle Louse, Jr., Lewis Belt, Damian Arredondo, David Arredondo II, Dane Arredondo, Devin Arredondo, Walter Cross Dog, Sunday Eagle Louse, Preston Apple, Gentry Ribitsch, and Frank Apple, Jr.; 59 grandchildren; and 10 great grandchildren.

Malcolm was preceded in death by his father, Charles Eagle Louse, Jr.; mother, Goldie Broken Nose; brothers, Lenny Eagle Louse, Darwin Eagle Louse, Sr., Darnell Eagle Louse, Charleton Eagle Louse, and Walter Eagle Louse; sister, Rolanda Eagle Louse-Bear Robe; son Stu Eliot; and daughter, Jonny Echo.

Pallbearers will be Kevin Sits Poor, Paul Nava, Morgan Nava, Darwin Eagle Louse, Jr., Cedric Broken Nose, Donny Slow Bear, Preston Apple, Gentry Ribitsch, Dane Arredondo, David Arredondo, James Bear Robe, Jr., and Kevin Belt, and Milo Sits Poort.

Honorary pallbearers will be Vivian Reed & Family, Leona Broken Nose & Family, Jenny Briseno & Family, Louella Broken Nose & Family, Sarah Paddock & Family, Goldie Star Comes Out & Family, Terri Rouillard & Family, Kimberly Slow Bear & Family, Joan Decker & Family, Harriet Sharpfish & Family, Susan Swallow & Family, Faye Charging Thunder & Family, Johnson Bear Robe & Family, O’Destiny Kills In Sight & Family, Cecil Bear Robe & Family, Wendy Backs, Genevieve Chase, Priscilla & Eldon Tobacco, Benedict Scabby Face, Chris Lone Elk, Mike Slow Bear, Helen Helper, Henry Lodge, Thearl Short Bull, Linda Bores A Hole, Fred & Janet Stands, Lexie Shield, Wade Broken Nose, Carmen Martin, Russell Fast Wolf, Cecil & Mary Little Hawk, Pam Ten Fingers, Theda Ten Fingers, Gilson Ten Fingers, Charlotte Frogg, Francine Broken Nose, Barbara Brings Plenty, Forrest Sits Poor, Marilyn Sits Poor, Patricia Janis, Marsha Lone Elk, Frank Two Bulls, Jr., Dale Bear Saves Life, Carlos Hoof, Tex Swift Bird, Cleveland Weasel Bear, Darwin Long, Verdell Red Cloud, jr., Marvin Runs Above, Jr., Dawson Black Elk, Sr., Family of the Late Russell Loud Hawk, Family of the Late Pete Blacksmith, Family of the Late Florence Ten Fingers, Family of the Late Eldora Kills Small, Family of the Late Florence Cross Dog, Bad Yellow Hair Family, Red Cloud High School Class of 1984, and All Relatives & Friends.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD