Mariah Pawnee Leggins


Funeral services for 32-year old Mariah Pawnee Leggins are Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 2:00 at the Little Wound House of Prayer in Kyle, SD.

Burial is at St Barnabas Episcopal Cemetery in Kyle

A one-night night wake service starts Monday, October 11, at 2:00, also at the Little Wound House of Prayer in Kyle

Mariah Rita Pawnee Leggins “Wahinyela Ska” was born on September 10, 1989, in Pine Ridge, SD to Malcolm Lone Hill and Tanya Pawnee Leggins. Mariah made her journey to the Spirit World on October 4, 2021 at her home in Kyle, SD.

Mariah attended elementary school at Little Wound School and graduated 8th grade at Circle of Nation in Wahpeton, ND in 2006. She was very outgoing and loved doing things with her twins. She cared very much for her family & close friends. Mariah will be missed.

Mariah is survived by her mother, Tanya Pawnee Leggins of Kyle, SD; father, Malcolm Lone Hill of Sharps Corner, SD; children, Helena N Bull Bear-Pierce, Addison Grace Finnell, and Aaron Joseph Finnell Jr, All of Kyle, SD; sisters, Monica Lone Hill of Sharps Corner, SD, Marquita Janis of Kyle, SD; brothers, Morgan Lone Hill & Malcolm Lone Hill Jr, both of Sharps Corner, and Marcus Pawnee Leggins & Adam Brown, both of Kyle, SD; nieces, Azura & Raziya Janis, and Lily Pawnee Leggins; nephews, Edward Janis Jr and Jaterri Dreamer.

Mariah was preceded in death by her great-grandparents, Joseph Montileaux Sr & and Helena Bull Bear-Montileaux; grandparents, Verdell Pawnee Leggins Sr, Pauline Montileaux-Pawnee Leggins, Mable Rosales, and Larry Montileaux; step-father, Alex Arapahoe; uncles, Ronald Red owl, Verdell Pawnee Leggins, Jr., William (Cunku) Pawnee Leggins, Benny Rosales, and Robbie Rosales; aunt, Brandy Montileaux; cousins, Nathaniel Red Owl and Dillon Montileaux-Trevino; and best friend, Arta Winters.

Pallbearers will be Julian Rosales, Joseph Rosales, Archie Red Owl, Lynden Shangreaux, Dave Red Owl, Desmond Richards, Dwight Kills In Water, and Jered Shangreaux.

Honorary pallbearers will be Vanessa & Dwight Kills In Water & family, Rita Red Owl & family, Kimmie Red Owl & family, Archie Red Owl & family, Joey Red Owl & family, Dave Red Owl & family, Francis Montileaux & family, Theresa Mendoza & family, Sherald Montileaux & family, Elvira Shangreaux & family, Phyllis & Geno Winters, Cora Spotted Eagle & family, Colleen Sitting Bear & family, JR Two Crow & family, Jolene Montileaux-Abourezk & family, Tudy Pierce & family, Joseph Walks Under Ground & family, Edward Janis, Sr., Rhoda Janis & family, Joseph Fool Head & family, Harold Fool Head & family, Moses Montileaux & family, Billie Jean Red Owl, Phoebe Red Owl, Miranda Little Bull-Red Owl, Raedawn Red Owl, Robert Janis, Willie Janis, Jazzie White Magpie, Angelica Hitchcock, Tanna Jo Seminol, Sharon Two Crow, Dixie Spotted Eagle & family, Latina Shangreaux, Tessia Shangreaux, Lloyd Night Walker, Larry Shangreaux, Brendon Janis, Asah Mendoza, Carry Winters, Lance Black Hawk, Amy Red Owl & family, Gina Sitting Bear & family, Valnita Sitting Bear & family, Lil’ Mose Montileaux, Bernie Montileaux, Brook Montileaux, Kristina Rae Clifford, Justin Garret, Lita Garret, Pat Garret, Fern Red Owl, Margaret Rodriguez, Tyler Swallow, Emmy Fire Thunder, Catrelle Two Bulls, Craig Janis & family, Alva Cloud Eagle, Celena Red Owl, Alanna Rosales, Faith Rosales, Holly Mousseaux, Alethea Rosales, and All Friends & Relatives.

 Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD