Marina Eagle Elk

Funeral services for 55-year old Marina Sue Eagle Elk are Monday, April 26, 2021 at 3:00 at the #9 Community Church in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Jeremy Mouw officiating and traditional Lakota services Mike Little Boy Sr.

Burial is at the Messiah Episcopal Cemetery in Wounded Knee, SD

A two-night wake service starts Sat, April 24, 2021 at 1:00 PM at the Manderson CAP Office in Manderson. The second night starts Sunday, April 25, at 4:00 PM at the #9 Community Church in Manderson, SD with prayer services at 7:00 PM each night.

Marina Sue Eagle Elk “Wakan Nahomni Win” was born on May 2, 1965 in Pine Ridge, SD to Felix Good Shot and Ophelia Mercy (Eagle Elk) Rondeau.  Marina made her journey to the Spirit World on April 17, 2021 at the Pine Ridge I.H.S. Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD.

Marina is survived by her daughters, Michelle (Jake) Eagle Elk, Chantelle (McKinley) Eagle Elk, Kyla Grass, Zandra Running Bear, and Leslie Pawnee Leggins; hunka daughters, Keshia Hayes and Crystal Clifford; son, Vine (Freddie) Hayes, Jr.; hunka sons, Derek Shoulders, Darrell Bear Eagle, Vance Hayes, Dallas Tobacco, and Legend Tobacco; siblings, John Rondeau, Sr., Leonard Rondeau, Reno Rondeau, Sr., and William “Billy” Good Shot; and grandchildren, Jonathan Eagle Elk, Christan Short Bull, Marshawn & Montel Hunter, Grayson Eagle Elk, Messiah & Zailee Rondeau, Liam Rondeau, Jordan Running Bear, and Jaxon & Jakobi Eagle Bull.

Marina was preceded in death by her father, Felix Good Shot; mother, Ophelia (Eagle Elk) Rondeau; stepfather, Leonard Matthew Rondeau; grandmother, Eva Eagle Bull; grandfather, George Eagle Elk; grandchildren, Javon Blacksmith, Cheyenne Rondeau, and Baby Hunter; niece, Lynette Googles; and nephew, Burt Kaline.  

Pallbearers will be Anfernee Rondeau, John Rondeau, Jr., Jordan Running Bear, Jonathan Eagle Elk, Skyler Rondeau, Ryder Sierra, McKinley Hunter, George Respects Nothing, Eric Mesteth, Jake Not Help Him, Jason Looks Twice, and Branse Novotny.

Honorary pallbearers will be Susie Sutton & Family, Violet Waters & Family, Rosie Shoulders & Family, Donna Looks Twice & Family, Ben Little Dog, Anita Brown, Amber Adams, Dorothy Stevens, Lisa Whoolridge-Carr, Cheryl Circle Bear, Nancy White Eyes & Family, Elizabeth Looks Twice, Santana Bear Eagle, Leon Brave Heart, Sidney Cequira, McKinley Hunter, Lisa & Gordy Looks Twice, Melissa White Hawk, Ashley Reyes & Kids, Maymie Steele & Kids, John Rondeau, Jr., Ricky Sierra, T’Keyah Rondeau, Raven Seminole, Jenny Brewer & Family, Jill Mesteth & Family, William Hunter, Connie Twiss & Family, Garfield Steele, Josh Steele, Baby Girl Steele, Juanita Two Crow & Family, Mercy & Oyate Rondeau, Skylar Rondeau, Tevin Rondeau, Lisa Pawnee Leggins & Family, Frank & Denise Ghost & Family, Nancy White Eyes & Family, Alyssa Hart, Kazadi Mukoma, Sr., Hunka Family: White Hawk Family, Hunter Families, Two Bulls Families, Mesteth Families, Vasquez Families of Allen, SD, Running Bear Families, Iron Horse Families, Eagle Hawk Families, Eagle Bull Families, Black Tail Deer Families, Black Hills Dialysis, Pine Ridge Ambulance Service, All Friends and Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD