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Markem Tuff Tibbitts

Funeral services for 3-year old Markem Tuff Tibbitts are Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 10:00 AM at the Hernandez residence, 12 Miles North of Kyle, SD, on River Road with Bill White officiating and traditional Lakota services by Steve DuBray and Delane Has No Horse

Burial is at St Mary Magdalene’s Catholic Cemetery

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Feb 5, 2021 at 1:00, also at the Hernandez residence

Markem Tuff Tibbitts “Sunka Wanbli” was born on May 25, 2017 in Rapid City, SD, to Cassandra (Lyle Tibbitts) Montes and Trey Temple.  Markem made his journey to the Spirit World on February 2, 2021 near Manderson, SD.

Markem is survived by his mother, Cassandra Montes of Rockyford, SD; father, Trey Tempe of Rockyford, SD; step-father, Lyle Tibbitts of Lonesome Valley, SD; sibling, Ramona Tibbitts; brothers, Tyrell and Adriano Tibbitts; great grandparents, Julia S. Goings-Hernandez of Kyle, SD, Walt & Nancy Hernandez of Rosebud, SD, and Steve & Lolita DuBray of Allen, SD; grandparents, Norma & Darrell Brown Bull of Kyle, SD, Lynn Hernandez of Kyle, SD, Faye Hernandez & Delane Has No Horse of Kyle, SD, Tammy Steele of Rockyford, SD, Curtis Temple of Rockyford, SD, Margaret (Jeff) Cody of Oklahoma City, OK, Tiffany (Maurice) Hernandez of Rapid City, SD, T’Neal Hernandez of Rosebud, SD, Roger Yellow Boy of Allen, SD, Paulette Red Feather; David & Janet Kelly, Lisa (Marr) Steele Cummings, Elaine (Lyle) Steele all of Rockyford, SD, Dode & Patty White Eyes of Pine Ridge, SD, Del Rae (Kelly) LaRoche of Rapid City, SD, Mary “Minnie” (Marvin) Steele of Hermosa, SD, Donna (Joe) Thaler of Sundance, WY, Carmen (Russ) Bercier of Cleveland, OH, Joe Steele of Rapid City, SD, Greg (Michelle) Steele of Kyle, SD, and Ruth Steele of Rockyford, SD; aunts & uncles, Alanna, Nathaniel, & Miracle Brown Bull all of Kyle, SD, Melissa (Robert) Dukes of Rapid City, SD, Darrell “Tiger” Brown Bull of Minnesota, Corey Head, Kylee Head, Maria Hatten, Sophia Hatten, & Florenceo Hatten all of Kyle, SD, Whitney White Eyes of Rockyford, SD, Gracee Morgan, Larae Morgan, and Liberty Morgan all of Pine Ridge, SD, Silas Journey Red Bear of Kyle, SD, Tyson, Xavier, & Kingston Elk all of Rapid City, SD, Morgan Tibbitts of Lonesome Valley, SD, Tiffany (TD) Garnett of Kyle, SD, Tawnee Tibbitts of Lawton, OK, Julian Bear Runner of Lonesome Valley, SD, Helen Red Feather and Kyllie Red Feather both of Rapid City, SD, Corey Mills of Rockyford, SD, Darrell Mills of Rapid City, SD, and Tarah Temple of Red Shirt, SD.

Markem was preceded in death by his great grandparents, Donald, Sr. & Mary Jane Steele; grandfathers, Martin James Tibbitts & Donald A. Steele, Jr.; uncles, Gaylord Catches, Jr. & Tim Emery; and aunt, Celeste Emery.

Pallbearers will be Nathaniel Brown Bull, Catlin Clifford, Donnie Whirlwind Horse, Ethan Steele, Frank Steele, Corey Mills, and Julian Bear Runner.

Honorary pallbearers will be Teacher Kellie Pourier, Robin Wisecarver, AJ Temple, Riggin & Matthew Jr. Watkins, Chane & Moira Coomes, Katie & Derek Hunter, Alice & Darrell Hunter, Rona & Leroy Pourier & Girl, Lance & Lana Christensen, Vichara & Jonathan Santo-Silva, Dawn & Garett Dugan, Karen & Charlie Twiss, Diana & Gerald Cournoyer Sr., Marge and Arlene Whirlwind Horse, Misty & Howard Hunter, Alicia Provost, Dale Jesse Vocu, Terri Dawn Vocu, Kevin Vocu, David Pourier and boys, Calsee Has No Horse, Natalie Pourier & Family, Stephen & Anna Dubray Jr., Joyce Tibbitts, Norma Jo Tibbitts & Shawn Swallow, Norma Jean Tibbitts, Tudy & Melvin Swallow, Deb Swallow & Family, Michelle Yellow Bird & Jasper, Luke Dubray, Helene & Waylon Gaddie, Keya & Mariah Attack Him, Pamela Attack Him & Jim Cross, Will Black Smith & Family, Cassandra One Horn, Robert Two Crow, Little Wound ECP Staff, Little Wound FACE Program, All Rockyford Staff and Family, Todd & Carolyn O’Bryan, Sue (Junior) White Eyes & Family, Lisa White Eyes, Jeannie White Eyes & Family, Mary White Eyes & Family, BJ White Eyes & Family, Billie (Corey) White Eyes & Family, Marlon (Paulina) Kelly & Family, Dwight & Codi Kelly & Family, Rachel (Manuel) Galeana, Tim Emery & Family, Raymond Emery & Family, Melinda Emery & Family, Wiley (Kassi) Steele & Family, Sheena (Wes) Swan & Family, Theresa LaRoche & Family, Cole Catches Parra-Munoz & Family, Cody Catches & Family, Ben Catches & Family, Everette Catches & Family, Daniel Bear Runner, Amber Steele, Frank (Abby) Steele & Family, Jesse Steele & Family, Lacey Steele & Family, Steven Hilbert & Family, Tennille, Alex, & Vincent Bercier, Jay Steele & Family, Hocoka Tokahe First Circle Sundance Family , Around Him Sundance Family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD