Medical Pot Initiative Goes To Neb Supreme Court

The Nebraska Supreme Court will decide whether voters see a measure to legalize medical marijuana on the November ballot

       Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner filed a challenge on Friday to Secretary of State Bob Evnen’s Thursday ruling that the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana group had collected enough signatures to put the medical pot initiative on the ballot.

      Evnen rejected a request by opponents to block the measure, saying that while they raised several valid points about problems with the ballot measure’s language, he ultimately concluded that it met all the legal requirements necessary to go before voters.

      Sheriff Wagner and other opponents argue the initiative violates state rules requiring ballot measures to focus on a single question by including not only legalization but also procedures to allow the legal growing of marijuana for medicinal use.

.    Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana and other supporters of the ballot measure say they’re confident the measure will survive the legal challenge