Million Dollar Bail For Defendant In Brutal Hammer Attack, Murder In Rapid City

The man accused of severely beating 3 people last Thursday in Rapid City, killing one of them, has formally been charged and we now know a little more about the incident

       28-year-old Allac “AJ” Dismounts Thrice of Springfield, SD, faces one count of 1st-degree murder for the death of RIchard Montanez.

       He also faces two counts of attempted 1st-degree murder for the other attacks, and remains in custody on bond of $1 million dollars, cash only. 

       Prosecutors asked for the million dollars bond because all three victims were in bed with indications they were sleeping when they were each struck multiple times with a hammer. 

     The defense legal team took no position on bail because the defendant didn’t want their help. 

      Relatives say Montanez, a single father of a 6-year old girls and 2 boys 3 and 7,  was allowing Dismounts Thrice, a friend of a friend, to stay with him because he was homeless. 

       The children were unharmed, but 2 women, Montanez’s roommate and the roommate’s friend, were also attacked and remain hospitalized in intensive care.