Milo Rust Named Interim Chadron City Manager

     The Chadron City Council has named retired Public Works Director Milo Rust as interim City Manager. Current City Manager Greg Yanker has resigned effective the end of the month and Rust would start Monday, Jan 4th.

      Although contract details still need to be worked out, Rust would work part-time a minimum of 3 days a week with a pro-rated salary based on Yanker’s salary.

      Mayor Mark Werner said George Klein, who left the council earlier this month, suggested Rust, who retired this summer. Klein pointed to Rust’s more than 3 decades of experience in working for the city and his familiarity with current projects and issues.

      Councilman Miles Bannan, mayor the past 2 years, he’d had the same thought as Klein about Rust and wholeheartedly supported the idea. Bannan then said he was interested in applying for the city manager position because of his passion for community service, and would not take part in any action dealing with the search.

       Mayor Werner raised the question of whether the city should hire a consulting firm to help with the process. The council didn’t in hiring Yanker, but took almost 2 full months to make the consultant decision and Werner said he wants to shorten that time.

       Councilman Keith Crofutt said the Panhandle has a high turnover rate for city managers and administrators, so he’d like to have help of a sort from a professional firm rather than just “crossing our fingers and hoping a good candidate falls into our lap.”

      The council 3-½ years ago used a matrix system to selecting semifinalists, but Crofutt said the system was flawed and biased – leaving him convinced some type of assistance is needed.

        The city has been using free versions of 2 online programs in working to fill other positions and both have premium versions as well. 

     The council eventually decided to simply post the job announcement at this time while getting more information on both the free and premium versions, intending to decide the issue at its next meeting Jan 4.