Mullen Fire Now 171,031 Acres Or 267 Square Miles

       The Mullen Fire, burning for 3 weeks in rugged terrain about 40 miles southwest of Laramie, was listed last night at 171,031 acres or 267 square miles. 

     Despite the fire growing some 10,000 acres, crews were able to expand containment to 18% with lines mostly west of Hwy 230 in the Platte River Valley, Hwy 127 in Colorado, and Woods Landing.

     New Incident Commander Mark Morales says the number of personnel working the blaze grew by about 110 yesterday and now stands at 1,186.

     Burnouts to create and strengthen containment lines continued yesterday at various points of the perimeter. 

       Morales says the fire worked its way around the community of Albany, but that significant structure protection activities continue there, in Centennial, and in the Ryan Park subdivision.