Names Of Victims Released In Rapid City Double Killing

Police are still without a suspect in a double-homicide about 10:30 Monday night in the northern part of Rapid City, but they have released the identities of the 2 victims – 26-year-old Charles Redwillow of Rapid City and 29-year-old Ashley Nagy of Greely, CO.

     Redwillow and Nagy were dead inside a car at a small city park by police responding to a pair of 911 calls from the same individual, one reporting a disturbance and the second gunfire.

      Police spokesman Brendyn Medina told the Rapid City Journal Tuesday that investigators are “actively working to identify who the shooter is.”

      Medina said evidence found at the scene leads police to believe the shooting was drug-related and that the shooter and victims knew each other, but he can’t share details about the evidence or what the 911 caller reported because it may compromise the investigation.

     The double killing raises the number of homicides in Rapid City this month to 5 with an investigation continuing into whether a 6th death was murder or suicide.

     The year-to-date homicide total is 7 deaths, which Medina calls “highly exceptional” and which could be even higher because another death earlier in the year is still undetermined between murder and suicide.