Neb Continues To Make Progress On Vaccinations

    Nebraska Health and Human Services says the state had distributed 191,539 doses of COVID-19 vaccine as of Sunday evening with 106,203 of those doses already administered. 

      The vaccines from both Pfizer and Moderna require 2 doses and 15,568 individuals have received both so far.

      The Sunday report also showed the number of hospitalized cases dropped to 429, its lowest point since Oct. 26, when 427 people were hospitalized.  36% of the state’s hospital beds and 38% of its ICU beds remain available along with 76% of ventilators.

       On the other hand, the number of new daily cases jumped from 672 on Friday and 741 on Saturday to 1,061. There are 53,637 active cases out of 181,978 total positive cases since the start of the pandemic. Nebraska has also had 1,837 deaths.