Neb, SD Show Good Growth In 2020 Census, Wyo Not And Remains Least-Populated State

     The numbers from last year’s U-S Census are finally and and  Nebraska’s population grew 7.4% last decade, from 1.83-million to 1.96-million, and is now the nation’s 37th largest state, jumping over West Virginia 

     The 7.4% growth rate is the 2nd-highest in the last 100 years, is 21st highest among the states, and matches the national rate for the first time in at least 120 years. Nebraska had grown at a slower pace every decade since at least 1900. 

      David Drozd of the University of Nebraska-Omaha Center for Public Affairs Research was surprised because he expected the state to lag again. Instead, he see the state as well-positioned to maintain its three U-S House seats beyond 2030.

     Governor Pete Ricketts was thrilled with the news and says “Nebraska’s great decade of growth happened for one reason: our people,” and creates great momentum that the state will build on as it comes out from the pandemic.

      South Dakota’ growth rate was even higher, 8.9% and 16th best. The state’s population increased by 72,487 to 886,667. That leaves South Dakota as the 5th-least populated state. 

       Wyoming’s population grew only about 10,000 for the decade and remains the least-populated state at 588,000. Its growth rate of 2.4% topped only Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut although Illinois, Mississippi, and West Virginia lost population.